The AXIS Division sits at the ‘accessible’ end of AXIS’s comprehensive range of twin tips. It is designed to suit the requirements of all level of freestyle riders and of dedicated freeriders looking for a quality board that is going to help them take their riding to the next level.

Having tested the Vanguard recently, there was much anticipation surrounding the new Division, and it did not disappoint. The Division is lightweight and thin which gives the impression that it’s fast, and it is, this board has a refined outline and flex pattern which gives it superb control at speed.

Board designer Adrian Roper has managed to achieve a good amount of stiffness between the feet with a nice progression to the tips enabling maximum pop for a relatively flexible board. It is also a board that it is easy to find the sweet spot on, ensuring that the Division gives riders the ability to really maximize their potential.

The bottom shape and modest rocker also give excellent upwind performance and really help the board slice through the chop without your knees taking a hammering. The footpads have PORON XRD for excellent impact resistance, and they give a firm and snug fit around the foot with plenty of adjustment for winter boot riding. So if you want a ‘quality’ freeride board that really will help you to improve your riding then the Division should definitely be on your list.

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