CrazyFly 2016 Hexa Binding

CrazyFly have just released this video of their new Hexa Binding – fully adjustable, while still maintaining the highest level of comfort and the feel of the board beneath you.

Adjustments are easily made, and the Hexa Binding can be moved in six directions: up, dpwn, left, right, angled clockwise and counter clockwise.

The Hexa footstrap offers a wide range of adjustments of size, which can be easily and quickly done. It can be adjusted on four points for the best possible fit, and the range of adjustability also allows for comfortable use of neoprene boots.

The footstrap position can also be adjusted via the Quattro Stix, which allow the footstrap to be moved towards the heel or towards the toes. And in addition to all this, there is also a Heel Suspension Infix with triple density EVA foam.

“Our designers were hard at work to create the best possible ergonomic fit and hand picked premium materials for long lasting durability and luxurious comfort. The outdoor performance leather from Italy on Hexa footstraps is extremely resistant to abrasion, sun rays and salt water. On top of premium materials, the Hexa Binding is made in Europe, in the CrazyFly factory.” – CrazyFly

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