Kiteboarding in Paradise

Jesse Richman takes us on adventure in paradise!

Sharing life with amazing people and communities is what catapults our happiness to the next level. There is no substitute for genuine connection. It is the authenticity of our experience that makes it unforgettable. When we look past our differences and put our minds and hearts together; our mission, our day, our moment, all of a sudden evolves and becomes better. We find a flow when the synergy is right and the vibe is contagious. This is a feeling that we get when we know everyone on the team feels the same thing. When we find ourselves in a group flow, anything is possible and fun is effortless. Most of us have experienced a crazy sensation like this, whether it be on small or large scale, within a family, with friends, on epic adventures and even in a professional setting. The people we are with and the vibe that we generate as a group, make all the difference.

This rollercoaster of life is wild and has such unexpected turns that it can be hard to make sense of the rhythm. Some lose faith, others put up walls, I know we all do, but is it necessary? It may seem easier to protect oneself from the majority of the world, only revealing our authentic selves to a select few, amongst whom we feel safe. Yet, I have found, in my own life, that taking a risk by being openly genuine to everyone I encounter yields such a greater and more interesting outcome. This approach, allows another world to unfold at your fingertips. The human experience is something we all share and so it is the connections we make through honest interaction that bring us the greatest high of all.

I have been incredibly blessed, to have had adventures that dreams are made of, but none would be the same without the people I was surrounded by at every turn. The rare circumstance that has enabled us to know this planet, to live in its nature and behold its awe-inspiring beauty is something we can all relate to and thanks to this, we can all relate to one another.

Thank you for being a part of my adventure and for having me on yours. There is nothing we can’t do with the right people and the right mindset.



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