The RRD Passion MK10

New from RRD, the Passion MKX marks the tenth version of their beginner to expert kite.

Reaching a major milestone, the PASSION MKX marks the tenth version of this notorious high performance, 3 strut, Freeride, Wave, and Big Air kite that will continuously impress everyone from entry level riders to experts.

If there is one kite that will transcend the boundaries from beginner to expert, the PASSION MKX is our kite that fits all level of riders, keeping a perfectly achieved  mix of performance & comfort, to be ridden as often as you want!

Kite designer Werther Castelletti about the Passion MK10:

“For our tenth version of the Passion, we increased the maneuverability and stability of the kite through the window thus causing an increase to its overall performance by opening up the wingtips and adding a pulley near the leading edge. This improved performance increases the wind range, both low and high, while adding to the boosting potential by adding more lift, turning radius for faster kite loops, and the Passion MKX’s wave riding potential.”

Jerrie van de Kop about the Passion:

“The passion is a great allrounder! From learning kitesurfing to your biggest megaloops and freestyle tricks! I love the smooth and solid rides the passion gives me in every condition. The stability of this kite is insane, thats why i feel very comfortable looping this kite in the strongest winds! If you like all disciplines freestyle, foil, wave, boosting… then this is definitely the kite you are looking for”

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