The Echo is a new addition to the Liquid Force twin tip range and is designed with Brandon Scheid’s wakestyle requirements in mind. The Echo has many features designed to improve your riding, and is the most advanced board in terms of shape and design in LF’s wood core line-up. It is the perfect weapon for aggressive tricks and for riders who want to progress.

The Fusion foot pads and straps deliver comfort and loads of support. They are very easy to adjust and customize, even when riding, with the 6 inserts setup which will allow all riders to get their perfect stance.

The main feedback which TheKiteMag team got from the Echo is that it needs to be ridden fast and hard, with the W-tips outline allowing it to plane early and to be a very controllable board. The Echo packs an explosive pop, with the combination of the stiff flex and rocker working hand-in-hand, and the triple concave ensuring excellent grip and a smooth glide in any conditions. The Echo’s ride is super smooth finless when setup with bindings, with the angled channels providing an accelerated water flow for the faster riding. We would recommend either riding the Echo a size up from your normal board or riding a bigger kite than you might otherwise do.

Overall this is a very impressive board and the ‘mid-range’ price is pretty eye catching too.

You can find out more about the Echo with the man behind the design plan, Brandon Scheid, in TheKiteMag #2…

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