3 Tips to Develop Your Kitesurfing This Summer

Danny Morrice 2 Cape Town - 3 Tips to Develop Your Kitesurfing This Summer

If, like many kitesurfing addicts, you’re balancing the day job with a constant hunger to be out on the water, making the most of your time on the board becomes a constant preoccupation. Pro-rider and world-ranked kitesurfer, Danny Morrice, offers some top tips for those looking to maximise the summer season and take their skills to the next level.


There’s nothing quite like your home spot, and with limited time to spend on the water during your “normal” life, it’s the easiest place for most people to head for. But, you can learn so much from just changing up where you ride. Going on a dedicated kitesurfing holiday, for example, places you in situations you’re not used to tackling and in this arena you can really push yourself. You learn so much more when you’re living and breathing kite-surfing every day; the level of skill development is immense.”


For many, once you reach a certain stage you’re on your own. It’s just you, the water and your own mistakes. As our sport becomes more popular the opportunities for formal coaching are increasing but the best breaks come from learning alongside the pros in an informal way without the constraints of lesson times and limits. More events are being organised to bring amateurs and pros together like the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada in Hayling Island, and opportunities to see the best at work are priceless. The annual summer season in Cape Town also allows me to kite with pioneers and legends who shred waves better than I have ever dreamed of riding. This is a great environment to train in.

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To maximise your development, within the time you have on the water, it’s important to mix it up once in a while. The sport is starting to become segmented into different disciplines and whilst this is great in principle it’s important to sample different elements from time to time. Riding race style or super powered up can help you learn how to trim for maximum upwind performance, while riding waves can help you learn how to use the whole window and even completely “kill” the kite in the equation even if you never plan on become a wave specialist. Using different types of equipment even within one brand can also help you explore and expand your ability and your style, and sometimes even to appreciate your own kit more. Experiencing diverse conditions and gear can also really ignite that sense of adventure that first brought you to the sport.

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Danny Morrice will be hosting Kitesurf Galicia, the first of a series of week-long coaching trips with Kingfisher Sailing, from 20-27th August 2016, providing experienced kitesurfers with the opportunity to sail to unspoilt coastlines and ride in places that are inaccessible to most people. Accommodation is on-board the newly refitted 65 foot yacht, Klaus Störtebeker, giving guests the unique opportunity to launch and land from the boat, whilst taking in world-class flat water bays and paradise surf breaks. Sailing from La Coruña, Galicia in North West Spain, the trip offers the opportunity to become an active member of the yacht's crew. Set against the backdrop of a stunning stretch of Atlantic coastline, from La Coruña to Vigo, including the Spanish Rias and Islas Cies, the locations have been selected to cater for different styles as well as allowing a sense of freedom to explore, all under the guidance of one of the UK's top pro-riders.


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