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TheKiteMag Editorial Contribution Guidelines

Please read everything below first, and then send any proposal to [email protected]

Synopsis: All submissions should initially arrive as a brief synopsis of the article you're proposing. This should be a short summary that outlines the main points of your feature, including any unique angles or perspectives you plan to take. Please avoid “spot guides”, generic travel pieces, individual rider bios or gear reviews. Instead, tell us a story.

Please be as engaging and as unique with your storytelling as possible – it is sometimes best to focus on one particular moment or experience, and broadening your content out from that.

Photography: We ask that all contributions be accompanied by a sample of the photography that will accompany the feature. This can be up to 10 images. This is the first thing we will check and will help us get a sense of the visual style and quality of your work, and ensure that your images are a good fit for our magazine. All photography samples should be professionally shot, in high resolution, and (ideally) in raw format.

(Photographers – if you’re submitting images without a story/synopsis, please send a sample as above, but please also name the rider/s in the images and, if possible, provide their contact email address.)

For our photography-specific guidelines, please see here.

Estimated word count: Please provide an estimated word count for your feature. This will help us plan the layout and design of the magazine, as well as ensure that your piece fits within our editorial guidelines. Please try not to exceed 2000 words.

Writing style: Our magazine has a fairly specific voice and tone, and we ask that all contributors familiarise themselves with our content before submitting work. This includes writing in a clear, concise, and engaging style that is accessible to a broad and relevant audience. We work in the US English language, so wherever possible, please factor this into your writing.

Technical accuracy: As a magazine about kiting, we value technical accuracy and attention to detail. Please ensure that all facts, figures, and technical information in your article are accurate and up-to-date. Please also ensure that any photography credits are included. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies within third party work.

Timeliness: We aim to publish content that is timely and relevant to our readers. Please consider whether your proposed feature is of interest to our audience and whether it addresses current trends, challenges, or developments in the world of kiting.

TheKiteMag Photo Contribution Guidelines

Yes please!

  • Anything action: any core moves, new moves, crazy moves. Barrels. We love barrels.
  • Great backdrops: interesting scenery or landscapes, stormy seas, mountains, sunsets. You get the drill!
  • Good composition, good lighting, an eye for detail.
  • Please only supply a small sample initially (via Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive).
  • Images ideally provided in high resolution/RAW format (but not essential if unavailable).

No thanks!

  • Images that aren’t your own or come without permission to use.
  • Watermarks.
  • Close ups of the rider with little else in the shot.
  • Low resolution images (including film/GoPro screenshots).
  • Submissions with hundreds of images to search through.
  • Photos sent inline in an email – instead please use a Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive link.


  • Please note that we will only compensate images that are used in the printed magazine and have not already been commissioned by a brand/sponsor/someone else. Unfortunately we cannot compensate for images that are used on our online or social media channels. If you have restrictions on how you’d like your image to be used, please specify that from the outset.
  • Please include any relevant details, eg photographer name, rider name and any social media hashtags that could be used.


We look forward to reviewing your submissions!


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