Crew Love is True Love

Words by: Mads Wollesen

What I enjoy the most about kitesurfing is not only the actual time on the water, but also all those moments off the water. It does sound super cheesy, but it’s true.


Here in Flensburg, we have a sweet little crew of about eight people and we always try to shred together. It makes things just so much better.
Everyone has a shit session once in a while, but having this session together with your homies makes it a lot easier to blur it out. Forget about your plans and just go with the flow.



Sharing the sessions with your friends also makes it a lot better to ride in shitty conditions. There is nothing worse than being on the water alone in the shittiest conditions. It’s just so hard to motivate yourself to try some new stuff. But when you’re together with some of your friends it’s a completely different thing. Either you stomp the trick you’ve been working on for weeks, or you crash and have a good laugh.


I think it is amazing how this sport turns strangers into best friends in a blink of an eye. I met almost all of my close friends through kitesurfing and some of my good friends from school just recently became kitesurfers too.


From the outside it may look like kiteboarding is an individual sport. You are out there alone. Riding all for yourself. You are not dependent on a team and you don’t need anyone else to have a good time… theoretically.


But what I can tell you from my experience: Go out there, get to know people with a similar mindset and enjoy your sessions like you never did before.

Kitesurfing really brings people together and thats what I love about this sport. And trust me, I know what I am talking about. Next year I am about to marry my girlfriend… can you guess how we met? 😉

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