Flat 3 Tutorial

Words by: Rens van der Schoot

The Flat 3 is one of the first and simplest handlepasses that you can learn. The trick is a 360 over a small wave, where you pass the bar at the perfect time behind your back. Through a couple of handy tips, which I will explain in the next steps, you will be able to land the Flat 3 easier. It doesn’t matter if you turn left or right on a small wave, it depends if you pass the bar from right to left or the other way around.

Step 1

When you’re riding into the sea, search for a small broken or unbroken wave to approach. Make sure your kite is at the right position around 45 degrees and your leash is at the right side of your body.

Step 2

It’s important that you don’t approach the small wave too directly, but rather ride a bit more downwind while approaching the wave. Just before you enter the wave, unhook your chickenloop. As you’re riding downwind you will create more slack in the trick which makes it easier to bring the bar towards your hip and pass it over.

Step 3

Re-flex on the wave at the right moment and rotate your back leg backwards. This helps to keep yourself in a stable position to bring the bar towards your hip. Don’t turn too quickly but wait one or two seconds ’til you’re heading down to the water again. That’s the moment you have to turn quick and pass the bar.

Step 4

Pass the bar and prepare for landing. Make sure you turn your board downwind as that makes it easier to land when you’re going fast.


  • You are missing the bar because your kite is too high.
  • You are missing the bar because you are turning too quickly and not at the right moment.
  • You don’t have enough slack because you’re not turning downwind enough.
  • You are not in balance because you don’t put your body and board backwards enough at the beginning of the trick. The bar is too far from your hip.

Don’t worry if you’re not landing the Flat 3 straight away, take your time to read every step again and keep on trying. While crashing, you are learning more than you think. The Flat 3 is one of the beginning handlepasses, and it’s a proper base trick to make progression in freestyle.

Let’s go for it!

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