Introducing: Justine Avril

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The young Lieuwe rider on achievements so far, and what's coming up next…

I'm Justine Avril, I'm 17 and I'm a French Lieuwe rider. I started kitesurfing two years ago with a crew of young riders (from 13 to 19) in different disciplines (race, foil, freestyle). Some of them are at international level, so it was an amazing opportunity for me to learn to kitesur by their sides and, thanks to them and my coach Ariane Imbert, I progressed fast. My hard training permitted me to take part in a lot of competitions: The French Boardercross Cup (2nd junior), Défikite (1st women), European championship of twintip racing (14th), French championship of twintip racing (3rd) and freestyle (not valid).

This year I want to train for freestyle with the aim of participating in the Youth World Cup in April; it will be my first international freestyle competition. I will also take part in the Défikite, a really fun race with more than 320 kites on the start line for a long distance race in a strong wind. I would also like to take part in the international twintip race competition in Gizzeria this summer.

I can't choose only one discipline because I love the feeling of being in the air and doing tricks in freestyle, as I like the tension on a start line and the speed fight with the other riders in a race; so I choose to do both. Kiteboarding is a way to clear my mind, to forget the worries, it's a real anti-stress.

All those competitions permitted me to meet a lot of riders from different disciplines; now they are my friends! My best moments are during competitions because I share amazing moments with them, everybody gets along, everyone knows each other and there is a really good feeling between us.

Finally, I'm a young student, searching for a job in order to fund my life project: traveling all around the world, hunting kiteboarding spots, and discovering new cultures and people, beginning in Dakhla, in Morocco.

Kiteboarding is my passion, not only a sport; this is a real lifestyle, shared in competition, and by every rider at a kiteboard spot.


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