Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

Words by: Kevin Langeree reflects on the process following his win of the Big Air crown at the VKWC Tarifa

I’m really stoked the BIG AIR is back on tour. It’s one of my favorite disciplines. And having it here in Tarifa at this spot with these conditions is just amazing.

IMG 0178 JR - Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

This winter I’ve been training a lot of big air and this season all my training is paying off. I had a 1st place finish in the beginning of the year in Dakhla, a 2nd place in Venezuela and a 1st place here in Tarifa. That’s given me a good lead on the overall points.

IMG 0317 - Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

The semi finals went really well for me – the wind was super strong and I was lit on my 10m Torch (the perfect BIG Air kite). My score in that was 17.4 counting two tricks.

IMG 0194 JR - Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

Just before the final the wind dropped with almost 10knots. I was really bummed when I saw that. But I knew everyone was riding in the same conditions. I had to go for it. So I did but crashed really hard on my first trick, lost my board but still managed to keep my kite in the sky. Not a great start to the the heat…

IMG 0214 - Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

My 2nd trick was much better with a super clean landing. After doing 5 solid tricks I still had some time to try some more so I went for a double handle pass but missed it twice. I’m sure it was a really close heat ’cause everyone was pushing it. Stoked I won. Let’s see what happens on the next comp…


Photos via our friends at Kite Sista Magazine

IMG 0465 - Kevin Langeree: Behind the Big Air

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