Best kitesurf camps in the world.

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When it comes to Kitesurf holidays, kitesurf camps are the ideal place to either learn to kite or get better technically.

If you just want to hone your basic skills or have a desire to boost an air that would need passing airplanes to divert their flight path, these are the places to spend a week or two.

There are so many camps to choose all over the globe, so luckily The Kite Mag has asked their friends over at to advise them on the best kitesurf camps in the world to get both time on the water and also kick back and relax in the evening and share some tall tales of triple kite-loops and altitude sickness from boosting into orbit.  

So, Kitesurfholidays… Where do you recommend?  


1)  Greece:  Surf Club Keros:    

Where kite-camps in Greece are being talked about, time and time again this place comes up.  With its unique blend of air-conditioned tents, to luxury studios, this is a kitesurfing nirvana.    

Not only is the kiting excellent, with consistent wind and warm water. The kit is up to date, the lessons are from qualified instructors and they have yoga and SUP etc for those quieter times.    

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit: Surf Club Keros


2)  Sicily:  Pro Kite Alby Rondina:  

Sicily is a legendary sort for us.  The turquoise sea, the steady breeze, and the simple fact that this kite camp is right next to the beach makes for a perfect setup.  Accommodation wise there are hotel rooms and private villas so it is perfect for both families and solo travelers.  

The equipment is always new, the teachers are excellent and can help you progress whether you are just starting out or consider yourself pretty good already.  

Put into the mix a quality evening session sharing kite stories and feeling the warm breeze with a few drinks.  This place is just what you need for a kitesurf holiday.  

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit:  Prokite Alby Rondina


3)  Tarifa:  100% Fun  

Now, Tarifa is full of camps.  It's hard to distinguish which is quality and which is not so much.  It's all according to what you are looking for, but when pure kiting and evening fun are your top considerations, then here at we have our favorite spot.  It's 100% fun 100% of the time!  

We hardly need to talk about the quality of the kiting in Tarifa, but this place has a pool, one of the best evening hangouts we have found and a genuinely happy and welcoming vibe that keeps us going back whenever we're in town.  

The rooms are straight out of the Indonesian style with beautiful wood and boutique refinement all-round, and the outdoor bath just has to be experienced!  You need to check this place out.  

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit:  100% Fun


4) Fuerteventura:  Line-up Kitesurf Camp 

The Canaries is always on our list of top destinations.  The sheer quality and consistency of the wind coupled with the fact you're on an island and can strike any coast really easily is a perfect mashup.  When we drop in we usually find ourselves at Line up, Line Up is the only kite camp in Fuerteventura that has been purposely redesigned and rebuilt as such. A quality kitesurf experience, it is comfortable and clean accommodation in a modern, spacious, and stylish design.

The camp has a Lounge and common spaces, Smart TV room with YouTube, and Netflix included. The big patio area includes stone showers, outside dining area, BBQ zone and Bali to beds. We think it is one of the most interesting Camps in Fuerteventura, suitable for kiters and surfers. 

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit: Line Up Kitesurf Camp


5)  Philippines:  Reef Retreat Resort  

When we look for a tropical paradise and a quality getaway, this place has it all.  The constant 27-degree water, the beautiful surroundings and internationally famous kiting puts this place towards the top of our list.    

The evenings can be a bit more tranquil here, but that is why we go.  It really is the place to visit when you want to get away from the crowds, get some quality kiting in and soak up the warmth of the tropics in a safe and happy place.  

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit:  Reef Retreat Resort


 5)  Cape Verde:  Cala da Lua  

The unique thing we love about this camp is the raw nature of the Cape Verde islands.  Not strictly a camp, they have great connections and can set you up with kite lessons and rental easily.  There are lots of options for all kinds of travelers from solo, to couples, to families.  

If you haven’t been kiting in Cape Verde then you must, because the sheer quality of the conditions mixed with the general vibe of the place creates a perfect kiters paradise.  This place is a quick strike to the flatter southern/western part of the island, but also gives you access to the north where the surf kicks in.  It has it all.  

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit:  Cala Da Lua


 6)  Brazil:  Convento Arcadia   

This is simply awe-inspiring.  You need to click the link below just to see how freakishly amazing this place is to kite.  The dunes, the water, the location is simply amazing and has to be experienced.  

There is a spiritual vibe mixed with the amp of kitesurfing that is hard to find in such abundance, a unique place and a must visit.  Easy for our customers in North or South America, but a great adventure for our clients in Europe and Asia.  

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit:  Convento Arcadia


7)  South Africa:  The Mystic House 

We just love this place. So close to the beach, and a great vibe in the evening makes for a perfect mix.  It is the official accommodation for Red Bull King of the Air and right on the beachfront of an epic kite spot.  The facilities are great and just sharing the space with stoked fellow to riders is a great way to finish the day. 

To check out the prices and what this place has to offer visit: The Mystic House


To see all these places and more, visit our friends at  They are the forerunners in direct bookings with the best kitesurf camps in the world.

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