Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

learning kitesurf - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

You may love to kitesurf but would your family prefer rather to spend their time on the water windsurfing, diving, SUPing, snorkelling, or all of the above? The team at Planet Kitesurf Holidays understands that a holiday without the family just isn’t the same and has scoured the world to uncover some of the best family friendly resorts to suit the needs of both you and your family. These destinations also offer amazing conditions to learn to kitesurf so are great for introducing your partner or your children to the sport we are all so crazy about!

Here are just five of our favorite destinations for the perfect kitesurfing holiday with the family:

bel ombre - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

Bel Ombre, Mauritius
Mauritius offers value for money second to none. At Bel Ombre we work with fantastic all-inclusive resorts right on the kite spots offering incredible kids clubs, exquisite dining options and fantastic activities for the whole family to enjoy. This is also an incredible destination for introducing little ones to the ocean as learning to dive, windsurf and kitesurf has never been easier than in Mauritius with awesome centres with top-notch equipment and a range of sites easily accessible on the island! Planet recommends the newly renovated Heritage Le Telfair in Bel Ombre with its fantastic range of facilities including a free babysitting service!

maldives anantara lagoon kitesurf - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

The Maldives
The crystal clear waters of the Maldives provide the best place in the world for a luxury getaway with the family. A few of the best Maldives resorts offer perfectly placed lagoons whose flat, turquoise waters and position to the prevailing wind directions, offer the ideal place to learn to kitesurf. And on the days where there is not enough wind to get out on the water, you can enjoy snorkelling, SUP, kayaking and scuba diving some of the best spots in the world. Some of the resorts even have a resident marine biologist you will take you out to see the manta rays and whale sharks and teach you all about these beauties of the deep.

Shark Bay langebaan - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

Langebaan, South Africa
The beautiful seaside town of Langebaan offers a turquoise flat water lagoon where families can spend their days learning to kite, windsurf or SUP in absolute safety! A number of fantastic hotels offer great laid-back accommodation options and with the amazing Pound-Rand exchange rate, you won't find better value for money. With reliable winds in the South African summer months between November and March, the time to book is now.

learn to kitesurf - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

Sardinia, Italy
The stunning island of Sardinia is ideal for those short haul holidays with the family. With amazing family-friendly accommodation just a short drive from the kitesurf centre, the Porto Pollo region offers the best kitesurfing on the island. The dunes along the bay offer shelter to non-kitesurf partners looking to soak up some sun on the beach. There are so many hidden coves, areas of natural beauty, stunning beaches, and pockets rich in history and culture that your days will be spent exploring the island with your family, when not kitesurfing of course!

kitesurf lessons - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

Cape Verde
Enjoy the sunshine and reliable winds of Cape Verde with the family! Cape Verde is an excellent destination to learn to kitesurf and with reliable winds between November and March it's the perfect destination to escape the cold winter months. It's also just a short haul flight from the UK or most major European cities so travelling here with the family is a painless experience. Cape Verde also has a lot to offer non-kitesurf partners or family members including amazing diving, windsurfing, snorkelling, SUPing and boat trips around the islands.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Planet Kitesurf Holidays today to book your next kitesurfing holiday with the family!

lean kitesurfing - Kitesurfing holidays for the whole family

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