Dirty Habits x Mystic

Dirty Habits X Mystic 10 - Dirty Habits x Mystic

Last week, Mystic announced the launch of their collaboration with the Cape Town-based Dirty Habits crew, an apparel line with an iconic Dirty Habits print, that includes a sweat, a tee, a singlet, a shirt and a boardshort.

You can see this exclusive range just here, but firstly, here are some words from Dirty Habit's founder Graham Howes on how the two brands came to conceptualize and execute this awesome collaboration…

Just over a year ago, I was packing my car for a big air training session, a few days prior to the start of the Red Bull King of the Air, when Max Blom, the owner of Mystic, pulled up in my driveway to drop off a new harness and wetsuit branded with my name and the South African flag printed on it. The waiting period was ON and we had been on standby all week. I was anxious to get on the water before the sun went down, but invited Max in for a quick beer. Well, six beers down and the sun long gone, we were in a deep conversation about kiteboarding and the future of the industry and the sport we are both so passionate about.

Five years ago, I set off with an idea to find a way to expose the sport I love to the rest of the world, in a way that everyone can relate to. To other athletes from different sports, to the dad sitting behind his desk seeking inspiration. Let’s be honest, kitesurfing isn’t exactly seen as the ‘coolest’ sport, we are referred to as the rollerbladers of the sea by some and this didn’t sit well with me. How can a sport that offers so much freedom and possibilities have such a bad rap. Well five years later, Dirty Habits has undoubtedly made an impact on this, with such a core crew of athletes and personalities from different sports and cultures. Without being linked directly to kiteboarding with a product, we have managed to get our culture and sport onto the TV’s and computer screens of millions of non-kiters. What better way than to showcase the world’s best kiters from different brands, to kite in a ‘non-performance' style kiting, but rather doing stunts, exploring new spots, partying, and living life alongside top athletes from different ‘cool’ sports.

Dirty Habits X Mystic 9 - Dirty Habits x Mystic

The next step came when we actually wanted gear available to express our lifestyle, and I’m a firm believer in getting people who are great at something to do that specific thing, rather than trying to mimic it. Dirty Habits doesn’t make gear… We make content.

MYSTIC is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, pushing the limits in innovation and technology on and off the water… DIRTY HABITS pushes the limits in performance and take day to day activities to the next level… Seems like a match made in heaven.

Dirty Habits X Mystic 11 - Dirty Habits x Mystic

Kiteboarding has never pushed brand collaborations, not like skateboarding or snowboarding does. It’s a concept, that if done correctly, steered by people with passion, can create unique and amazing products, Look at BURTON X ADIDAS, VANS X SUPREME. Yes, kite brands collaborate with their riders and make great collections and pro models but to synergize between two brands with the same vision is… Well, visionary.

Dirty Habits X Mystic 2 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 3 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 5 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 7 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 6 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 4 800x500 - Dirty Habits x MysticDirty Habits X Mystic 1 800x500 - Dirty Habits x Mystic

It was a long road, 12 months of designing, curating, testing products which had to be approved by not only us but by the Dirty Habits Crew, the guys who live the lifestyle, and are the influences in this new culture. But now we are stoked to present to you the Dirty Habits X MYSTIC Summer ‘17 Collab.

Graham Howes

See the full Dirty Habits x Mystic range here.

Dirty Habits X Mystic 8 - Dirty Habits x Mystic

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