Here at TheKiteMag, we’re lucky enough to get the heads up on burgeoning ultra-talent in the kite scene from pretty early on. It comes with the territory. But as kit has become more accessible and our sport continues to garner a wider allure, we’ve recently noticed an explosion in highly talented youngsters taking to buttery waters around the world…

There are some young rippers who are already absolutely killing it in the competition scene and need less introduction than others, but sitting in the wings there is also a growing groundswell of talented young riders who are just now starting to emerge into the media and competitive spotlight.

So, in alphabetical order, here are 22 Young Guns who – if you’re not already – you should definitely be taking note of right now…

NAME: Mark Cafero

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Slingshot, Ride Engine, RAW Elements

HOME SPOT: Jupiter, Florida

2014 WindVibes Turks and Caicos Winner
2016 TRIO Cayman Junior Winner
2018 Hood River Junior Jam Winner

I'M RIDING: 2019 Slingshot FUEL, 2019 Slingshot Refraction, 2019 Slingshot RAD boots


IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Kiteboard, film videos, wakeboard, explore and develop software.

LISTENING TO: Portugal The Man.
WATCHING: The Office.
READING: TheKiteMag.


IN 2028 I WILL BE: On the water somewhere! Not exactly sure where, but there will definitely be a board under my feet.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Maxime Chabloz

AGE: 17


HOME SPOT: Lake Uri, Switzerland

3x Junior World Champion
3rd overall at GKA Air Games 2018
Currently 3rd overall WKC 2018

I'M RIDING: F-ONE WTF board and kite.

MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION IS: Youri Zoon, because in 2008 when I started discovering kiteboarding it was his videos that inspired me and he was and will always be my biggest idol. Thanks Youri!

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Do all kinds of different action sports, and most important is just to have fun.

LISTENING TO: The sound of the wind.
WATCHING: Superhero movies.
READING: All the positive comments and funny memes on my Instagram.


IN 2028 I WILL BE: 27! I can't tell you yet because I'm just gonna let my passions decide it for me…


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Adeuri Corniel

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): RRD International, Red Bull

HOME SPOT: Cabarete, Kite Beach, Dominican Republic

2015 1st place European Championships
2015 2nd place VKWC Youth World Cup
2016 Top 4 Susi Mai Invitational
2016 1st Place Youth World Cup
2016 Rookie of the Year WKL
2017 1st place Susi Mai Invitational
2017 2nd place Egypt, El Gouna WKL
2017 Top 9 Worldwide
2018 2nd place TTR, Olympic Qualifiers, Cabarete
2018 1st place TTR, Olympic Qualifiers, China
2018 1st place, TTR World Championships
2018 First Gold Medallist TTR, Youth Olympics
2018 2nd place Turkey, Akyaka WKC
2018 2nd place Morocco, Dakhla WKC

I'M RIDING: RRD Obsession, Juice V5 136x40

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspirations are my brothers. Thanks to them I am here right now! They’ve always given me the power to move forward and to have no limits. They are the ones that introduced me to the sport and are my biggest supporters.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Usually when I am not kiting or training, I go surfing sometimes. I am also a big fan of music. I listen to music 24/7! I usually go for a run or play volleyball at the beach. Also I’m starting to do yoga, I think it will help me because my muscles are very tight and I need to relax and start to be more flexible which will help me so much in my riding.

LISTENING TO: I enjoy Christian music a lot! I also like to listen to Latin American music sometimes. When I am about to compete I like music that pumps me up for my heats! I like English Pop too! And because I’m in Italy right now I couldn’t have missed the top Italian hits.
WATCHING: My favorite show is FLASH! I enjoy watching adventures movies or action. On rainy days I watch scary movies as well. My favorite scary movie is Veronica.
READING: I usually read while I’m in school and the books they assign. Sometimes while on a plane I enjoy reading.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: Since the day I released my latest video called the Black Panther, everyone keeps calling me that. I think the panther is my spirit animal. I’m wild and have a very strong character. I am as wild outside as inside the water!

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I see myself owning my own business, probably related to kiting. Who knows...


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Capucine Delannoy

AGE: 12

MAIN SPONSOR(S): F-ONE, Manera, Preabeach Villas

HOME SPOT: Prea, NE Brazil.

I did my first international strapless competition in Prea, for the GKA Strapless World Tour and achieved a 3rd place ranking in the Big air competition. I’m looking forward to participating in the GKA Strapless World Tour in 2019.

I'M RIDING: F-ONE MITU 5'2, and the F-ONE BANDIT 6m. My harness is a Manera Union.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My brother Camille Delannoy of course, haha! I love his fluency in freestyle tricks, but I do admire Jalou Langeree’s style, especially in wave riding.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Go riding my horse on the beach for a sunset session.

LISTENING: Hyphen Hyphen - Like Boys.
WATCHING: Riverdale.
READING: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A tiger, because it’s one of the most powerful animals and seems to never be afraid.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: Able to ride big waves all over the world and be one of the best freestyle strapless riders and, of course, still have a lot of fun! I’m currently studying online at French middle school and want to study architecture in the future.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Theo Demanez

AGE: 19


HOME SPOT: My home spot is Orient Bay on the island of St Martin in the Caribbean, a little piece of heaven for watersports. Warm and beautiful all year long, in wintertime it’s an amazing playground, with the north swell and the trade wind blowing.

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: Being able to do what I love, every day. I’ve had the chance to see a lot of different cultures and places around the world thanks to kitesurfing!

I'M RIDING: I ride all different types of board with the Cabrinha Moto Kite, although I used to ride every different kite shape in the Cabrinha range, depending on the conditions and the riding style. What I like the most with the Moto is that in the waves you have the fast turning and drift like the Drifter, lift like the Switchblade in jumps, and the depower and loopy feeling of an FX. And it doesn't matter if you have a twintip, surfboard, or foilboard under your feet, this kite feels amazing. Now I can travel with only one kite that excels in every discipline.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Kai Lenny. He is such an outstanding athlete, one
of the best in so many different water sports.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Be in the ocean, and also stay on the beach flying the drone, taking photos and videos of my mates on the water.

LISTENING TO: Yultron - Ride With You.
WATCHING: Riding Zone (French TV).
READING: ‘How to become fluent in Spanish’.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A fox, it has the awareness to get the most out of any
situation… responsiveness is a key quality to succeed in everything.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I want to have a world title, doing some product
development in kitesurfing and foiling, and be based in Hawaii or maybe live on a sail boat.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Cohan van Dijk

AGE: 16

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Naish and Prolimit

HOME SPOT: Amstelmeer, Holland.

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: My best win was the kicker competition at the GKA Germany where I ended up in 7th place. I am Dutch champion and I follow all the world tournaments.

I’M RIDING: I am riding the Naish Torch with my Stomp for freestyle and a Monarch for Big Air.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: To be the best kiter in the world.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Do a lot of wakeboarding... I am also the Dutch champion in wakeboarding.

WATCHING: My phone…
READING: Your questions...


IN 2028 I WILL BE: The World Champion.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Janek Grzegorzewski

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Core Kiteboarding, Xcel wetsuits, Dermedic, Wind Water Waves

HOME SPOT: As I come from the center of Poland, my closest home spot is Rewa, but I feel that my real home is in Tarifa or in Cape Town.

2nd place Go Big or Go Home 2018 – Chalupy, Poland
1st place Full Power Kitefest 2018 – Tarifa, Spain
Junior World Champion 2018 Shred (with team) – France

I just started competing this year with one goal in mind - to get into all the Red Bull Big Air events. My first achievement was to qualify for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. Unfortunately, the competition has been cancelled for 2018 but all who have qualified are going to compete in 2019. Can’t wait for that! I also took part in the Dakhla Downwind Challenge 2018. Not a competition against other riders but it was a competition against myself, as I made 500km downwind in five days, staying in the desert, sleeping in tents, partying and supporting other riders to complete the challenge.

I’M RIDING: CORE GTS5 and the XR5 with a Choice 135 board. Mostly riding on the 24m lines to get higher, but from time to time I like to take short lines and loop low.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration was always Nick Jacobsen. He has the best style and the best Big Air heights. I like him because he is different to all other riders, he does things that have never been done before. Definitely the most creative kiteboarder that I know. I also like to watch Jesse Richman, Kevin Langeree, Joshua Emanuel, Liam Whaley and Steven Akkersdijk.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Go to the gym, meet with my friends but also watch kiteboarding videos, especially clips coming from the best Big Air events.

LISTENING TO: My kitesurfing friend’s advice on tricks that have never been done before. Sometimes I also listen to my mom!
WATCHING: Mostly kiteboarding videos but also when I’m at home I like to watch kid movies with my five-year-old brother…
READING: Ha! Sorry but not this year… I am taking a gap year!

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: According to the Chinese zodiac sign I am a dragon, but I feel like a monkey.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: Running the most extreme kiteboarding company, so half of the day I will be chilling on the beach with my team thinking about impossible tricks that we will land, and the other half I will make my tricks come true by simply practicing them to perfection.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Maarten Haeger

AGE: 17

MAIN SPONSOR(S): CORE Kiteboarding and Carved Boards

HOME SPOT: My home spots are all in Holland. During summer I mostly ride at Castricum, we have a sport complex there with a lot of friends, so I’m always riding and messing around with them. During the winter I prefer Camperduin, because there is a small lagoon, perfect if I don’t want any waves or current. And during massive storms I always go to Wijk aan Zee for the boosting.

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: I hold the current world record (highest jump ever) with 32 meters. I jumped that one right at the beginning of 2019, on the 2nd of January to be exact, at Misty Cliffs near Cape Town. The height was measured by the WOO device. That 32 meter jump also made me the first person ever to go through the 30 meter barrier. That is something I have dreamt about and, of course, I’m a little proud of... I also had my first international competition last October in Tarifa, that turned out very well, I managed to make the podium (2nd place).

I'M RIDING: The GTS5 and XR5 from CORE. My board is a Carved Imperator 6, I really love that board. It’s very light and has excellent pop.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: I really enjoy watching Kevin and Steven because of their unique styles, and Jesse because he gives everything when he rides, for example at the KOTA. He’s not afraid to crash big time, such a legend! I also love watching Joshua because his Megaloops are so powerful and aggressive.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Watch recaps from the Megaloop Challenge and King of the Air, for two reasons: firstly, I just love watching new/insane tricks. Secondly, because I’m inspecting them, trying to figure out how they do it and try it for myself in the next session. I’m also into gaming, especially Formula 1.

LISTENING TO: Alan Walker, Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and Sounds of Red Bull.
WATCHING: Pretty much everything that is in the cinemas right now, it’s a weekly thing with my friends.
READING: Sometimes a Dutch comic, but I’m not so into reading.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: The Elephant. Elephants are intelligent and kind animals, they are very relaxed and go with the flow but when called for they can also be very protective.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: Hopefully still traveling as much as possible, I just love it too much.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Joris Herrewijnen

AGE: 15

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Duotone Benelux, ION Benelux, Boardguru

HOME SPOT: Slufter/Maasvlakte, Rotterdam

Man of the Dam 2013
2nd Dutch Youth Nationals 2014
1st NSS Junior Challenge 2014
2nd OZK, June 2015
1st OZK, November 2015
2nd European Youth Championship 2016
2nd OZK, June 2016
2nd OZK, June 2017
1st Alternative Youth Dutch Nationals 2017
1st OZK, November 2017
2nd Belgian Youth Championships 2018
2nd Dutch Youth Nationals 2018

I'M RIDING: Duotone Vegas with the Duotone Gambler

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Ever since my brother started kitesurfing, I wanted to too. We always sailed together on the lake behind our house and I wanted us to be on the water again together. At our homespot we are known as the Slufterbro's… always in for some crazy stuff! In Cape Town, when we kite between the competitors/legends of the King of the Air, I just want to go bigger and higher. So, beware… I am coming! As I am 15 I am not allowed to compete yet as apparently I'm too young! So for now I just keep rocking and having fun on the water with my brother, dad and friends.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Wakeboard and mountain bike.

LISTENING TO: Various artists, mostly rap music.
WATCHING: Netflix and YouTube.
READING: School books… I am not that in to reading.


IN 2028 I WILL BE: A regular competitor in the Red Bull King of the Air and other international championships.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Rachael Hooper

AGE: 16

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Duotone, Suntribe Sunscreen (and Edge Watersports)

HOME SPOT: Exmouth, UK 

2017 Junior Girls British Freestyle Champion
2018 Womens Pro British Freestyle Champion
2018 Women & Youth Hydrofoil British Champion

I'M CURRENTLY RIDING: Duotone 2018 Dice, soiel, Freestyle Click Bar

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My mum and Steph Bridge.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Surf, skate, ski, snowboard, SUP, mountain bike, live in the great outdoors! (And also do some school work...)

LISTENING TO: nothing.
WATCHING: David Attenborough, Dynasties.
READING: The latest Kiteworld Magazine.


IN 2028 I WILL BE: Traveling the world, living my life the best I can, experiencing gnarly things with my family and would have claimed many more titles and hopefully have competed in the 2020 Olympics for GB!


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Fred Hope

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Slingshot/Ride Engine

HOME SPOT: Hood River Event Site and in front of Baja Joes in La Ventana

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: Kiteboard for Cancer Derby – 1st place in a team for the last couple years. 1st place in the Blowout this last summer. 3rd place in the La Ventana Classic on a surfboard (I watched Reider Decker throw down a double front in front of me!)

For me, competitions aren’t as valuable as they are for a park rider. I specialize in what you would call ‘strapless freestyle foil’, something that doesn’t really have any competitions that include it. I really just enjoy being out there with friends and exploring. Going fast is fun too, but it tends to hurt a lot when you fall.

I'M RIDING: The 111 Ghost Whisperer with the 590 wing. For the board, I have the new Micro Dwarf Craft. For the harness I use a medium Carbon Elite because I like the larger surface area in addition to the hard shell factor. For kites, I use the SST when I’m foiling, and the Rally when I’m riding the surfboard. For surfboards, I really like the Angry Swallow.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration is probably the guys at Slingshot. Tony Logosz, Alex Bloechinger, and Matt Gustafson especially. I spend a lot of time in the office with them and they are always giving me ideas to implement when I’m kiting.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Definitely have kiting on the top of the list for this one! Up in Seattle right now studying at university… If it’s not windy, I’ll go for a bike ride or pump foil off the docks by the water.

LISTENING TO: Bruce Springsteen Radio.
WATCHING: Rake, the Australian lawyer/comedy show on Netflix.
READING: My University booklist.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A flying fish.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: If I knew that I probably wouldn't be struggling to figure out my major right now…


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Kuba SPEEDY Jurkowski

AGE: 14


HOME SPOT: Rewa, Sopot, and Kuźnica (Poland)


2016 - Polish Cup (Formula Kite) Jastarnia, Poland -  2nd U19 and 6th open
2016 - World Championships (Formula Kite) Weifang, China - 9th Junior
2017 - European Championships (TT:Race) Gizzeria, Italy - 3rd  U14
2017 - Polish Cup (Formula Kite) Puck, Poland -  2nd U19 and 4th open
2018 - Polish Cup (Formula Kite) Puck, Poland -  1st U19 and 1st open
2018 - European Championships (Formula Kite) Warnemunde, Germany - 7th U19
2018 - KiteFoil Gold Cup (Formula Kite) Cagliari, Italy - 5th U19 and 1st U16

I'M RIDING: Nobile Board with Mike's Lab Foil, Ozone Foil Kites and for fun Nobile 2HD + Nobile T5 kite

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: I'm still looking for my biggest inspiration! But seriously, without any doubt my parents and my friend Jasio Koszowski inspired me in to this adventure. I remember my beginnings... I began kitesurfing about four years ago, and I started seriously training in the Kite Surf Academy with Tomek Janiak, who taught me how to kite safely and successfully! Now, during kite competitions, I can learn directly from the best kitesurfers in the world – that’s inspiring.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Kite! But when I have some free time (kiteboarding and school take up some time) I like to play Flight Simulator. When I have too much energy and I can’t kite, I like to take my bike and ride in the forest. During winter I love to ski.

LISTENING TO: U2 and Kings of Leon.
WATCHING: Tom and Jerry cartoons.
READING: Quo Vadis - my school reading.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A crazy lobster.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: 10 years older! And still loving kitesurfing. On the way to 2028 there is 2024 and an Olympic medal to take in kitefoiling in France. I'm going to fight for it and I'll do everything I can to achieve it, it's really important to me. Looking forward I think I could study in the USA and train kiteboarding in San Francisco… why not!


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Kacper Lepicki

AGE: 12

MAIN SPONSOR(S): CrazyFly, SURFLO Waterwear, Maafushi Dive & Watersports Center

HOME SPOT: Bintan, Indonesia

2016 Junior World Champion, U11
2018 Junior Vice-World Champion, U14

I’M RIDING: CrazyFly Bulldozer 135cm, CrazyFly Tango Kite

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: In the kiting industry, it’s Carlos Mario Bebe. In everyday life I just want to be known as someone that inspires others to chase their dreams no matter the obstacles ahead.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Do lots of different sports such as football and wakeboarding, spend time with my family and my friends, and travel.

WATCHING: YouTube and Vimeo wakeboarding and kitesurfing edits.
READING: Inferno by Dan Brown.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: The Tiger as they are strong and they are known to be the leaders of the pack. This inspires me to do better and be better in kitesurfing as well as school, in order to show others that anything is possible if you put enough effort into it.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I hope to become the freestyle world champion, hopefully multiple times, and I also want to help the world's plastic pollution problem. I also hope that in the next few years I will be able to combine my education with training as I feel like both are very important, but also not easy to do at the same time.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Claudia León Martínez

AGE: 17


HOME SPOT: Mar Menor, Murcia (Spain)

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: 4x Junior World Champion, 3x Spanish Champion, and I’m currently competing in the World Kiteboarding Championship’s Elite League.

I’M RIDING: Duotone Vegas kites, Team Series 134cm board and Duotone short Click Bar

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Since I was 10 years old, I’ve always wanted to be like Gisela Pulido. She’s an amazing example for me and for other girls who want to kite.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: I really like hanging out with my friends, listening to music, editing videos and playing the ukulele.

LISTENING TO: Queen, Nirvana and a lot of other rock bands and songs.
WATCHING: I’m a film enthusiast, so I’m constantly watching films and series… I couldn’t choose!
READING: My high school notes and books, haha!

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: The lion, as the elegant and strong king of the savannah.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I will be working for a kite brand editing their promotional videos or I will be directing films (yes, I have high hopes, but one day I’ll manage to achieve at least one of them!)


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Antoine Mermet

AGE: 16

MAIN SPONSOR(S): I’ve been sponsored by Naish and Vakarm shop from the beginning. They believed in me and, thanks to them, I’ve made some great progress. I am also supported by Rip Curl.

HOME SPOT: I ride everywhere in New Caledonia. For freestyle I go to the Méridien, this is my home spot. This is a very flat spot and we have 15-20 knots every day in the summer.

World Champion Juniors Freestyle 2017/2018
Vice World Champion Juniors Freestyle 2016
New Caledonia Champion Freestyle Open 2018

I'M RIDING: My kite setup for freestyle is the new Naish Torch. It’s a very good kite for freestyle, the slack is so good and the power is perfect with the Stomp 135. For Big Air, I love the Naish Pivot because it has big hangtime and you can go so high with it.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My biggest inspiration is Jesse Richman, I love his crazy riding, he is a waterman and he pushes the boundaries of sport.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Surf at the reef in New Caledonia. We have some good waves, and I’m addicted to going downwind on my Naish foil and SUP. During the summer the conditions are very good in our lagoon for it, we can ride for a very long time.

LISTENING TO: 50 Cent and Eminem, it’s so good for daily motivation.
WATCHING: The WSL at Nazaré, I have so much respect for these guys.
READING: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A ram because when I have an idea, I have so much drive for that. I am also a little obstinate.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I would like to become a waterman. Travel around the world with my girlfriend… it’s very important to me that we need to meet new people, new places, new cultures for improving our mind. I would like to work for myself, build my own company.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Michael Jorge Monteiro

AGE: 6

MAIN SPONSOR(S): F-ONE, Manera, Mitu Monteiro 

HOME SPOT: Ponta Preta / Kitebeach

1st place Bodyboard regional 2016 (age 4) 
1st place Surf regional 2018 (age 6)
2nd place Bodyboard regional 2018 

I'M RIDING: F-ONE WTF Next Generation 127x37, and 
my dad’s SLICE 5'1 and 

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: My father and John John Florence.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Surf with my new 4'6" green, yellow and blue board that Santa just brought me.

LISTENING TO: My father’s playlist.
WATCHING: Videos of the biggest waves ever surfed on YouTube
READING: Just learning how to...


IN 2028 I WILL BE: In Teahupoo...


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Julie Paturau

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): CORE kiteboarding, Out of the Blue, Helios Polarized

HOME SPOT: Kuxville, Mauritius

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: Finishing school and being able to be in the water every day since then! 

I'M RIDING: For freestyle I am using the CORE Impact 2, I really love this kite, it has very good slack and a lot of power. For foiling or kiteloops I usually use a CORE GTS5 which is really fun to ride. My twintip is a CORE Choice 2, and for foiling I have a Taaroa Sword 1 (super fast!).

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Bruna Kajiya and Angely Bouillot are my two biggest inspirations. These two girls are constantly pushing their limits and they want to show that girls are able to achieve incredible things. As Bruna said in one of her videos, "We work so hard to create an image of powerful women that can ride hard." That’s exactly why I admire her so much.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: I enjoy taking photos or videos of my friends having fun in the water. Sometimes I also go diving, play guitar, and wakeboard with my family.

LISTENING: The sound of the waves crashing on the shore.
WATCHING: Bruna Kajiya kiteboarding in Tarifa
READING: Windguru predictions for this week...

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: The sea turtle, they give a powerful lesson to humans who rush about at unhealthy speeds, often missing the mystical gem that is right in front of them, here and now.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I’ll be 28… Jesus that’s old, haha! Hopefully I’ll officially be a chiropractor. I’ll be able to take care of all of you kite buddies! Also, I hope I will still be traveling and meeting a lot of new people around the world.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Osaia Reding

AGE: 14

MAIN SPONSOR(S): F-ONE, Manera, La Barraca do Kite, Mojacar, Mood Swiss Ring

HOME SPOT: Mojacar, Spain

Vice Junior World Champion 2016
Junior World Champion 2017
Vice Junior World Champion 2018

5th Overall GKA Air Games



IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Have fun with my friends skateboarding.

LISTENING TO: All sorts of music… Reggae, Brazilian funk, Reggaeton.
WATCHING: Kite videos to give me some inspiration, and some series on Netflix because I'm a Netflix addict!
READING: After by Anna Todd, I'm also reading books for school but they are less fun to read...

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A bird, I'd love to fly to escape and feel the freedom.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: I'll be old, haha! I hope I'll still be competing because I love it. I hope I'll continue to travel, meeting new people and experience different cultures. I will do my best to make my dreams become reality. But who knows what my future will really be like…


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Mikaili Sol

AGE: 14

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Duotone, Ion, Vivida

HOME SPOT: Taiba, Brazil

2018 GKA Airgames World Champion
2018 GKA Airgames Tarifa, Cabarete and Germany Champion
2018 WKC Turkey/Dakhla Champion
2014/2015/2016/2017 Junior World Champion

I'M RIDING: Duotone Vegas Kite and Team Series 134 board for Freestyle, Eco kite and Jaime 134 board for Airgames, the Duotone Click Bar, Ion Curve Composite 08 harness.

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Gisela Pulido. Gisela started kiting at a young age just like me, and she was also the World Champion many years in a row!


LISTENING: I love all kinds of music. I tune in to Spotify and listen to playlists. I like XXXTentacion. I also love Latin music. Ozuna is one of my favorites.
WATCHING: I don't watch TV but I enjoy some Netflix movies and series! I like the series Suits.
READING: I love reading Lee Child when I want to chill out. My favorite book I read in school is Animal Farm.


IN 2028 I WILL BE: Mikaili Sol will be a public influencer, an icon in the kitesurfing world, and a name known in the industry.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Noah Stelte

AGE: 15

MAIN SPONSOR: RRD International

HOME SPOT: Wissant, France / Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: I haven´t competed yet, but will soon hopefully.

I’M RIDING: RRD Religion, RRD Global BAR V8, RRD Cotan 4.11, RRD Thrive Harness


IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Skateboard, mostly with a Carver Skateboard. I also swim, wakeboard, and enjoy photography and videography.

LISTENING TO: Biffy Clyro, Anderson .Paak.
WATCHING: John John Florence in ‘View from a Blue Moon’, and the Andy Irons film, ‘Kissed by God’.
READING: Pipe Dreams (Mes carnets de surf) by Kelly Slater, Professional Guide to Filmmaking by Bradford Schmidt and Brandon Thompson.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: English Bulldog

IN 2028 I WILL BE: Running my own kite brand.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Kiko Roig Torres

AGE: 17

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Duotone Kiteboarding Spain, Wet Watersports, Ion Spain

HOME SPOT: Oliva, Valencia

Top 12 position in the GKA in Tarifa and Fuerteventura in 2017
2nd place in the Spanish Kiteboarding League 2017

I'M CURRENTLY RIDING: Duotone kiteboarding NEO and PRO WHIP 5.2

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Train hard and try to reach the level of Airton, Matchu or Mitu.

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Kite, kite and more kite.

LISTENING TO: All the music that appear in kitesurfing videos.
WATCHING: Airton Cozzolino videos, to inspire me in new tricks.
READING: I don’t like reading books so much, but kite magazines are cool!

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: A dolphin because he is in the water all the time, and always jumping.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: Maybe in my retirement as Strapless World Champion? I’m just kidding. Actually I don’t know, I only know that I'll keep kiteboarding and sharing that awesome feeling with all my friends.


tkm break - THE YOUNG GUN FILES: 2019

NAME: Charlie Wise

AGE: 18

MAIN SPONSOR(S): Airush, Ride Engine

HOME SPOT: Yallingup and City beach, Australia

1st Australian Junior Nationals 2017, Merrimbula
2nd Western Australia State Titles, 2017

I’M RIDING: 2019 Airush Converse and Comp surfboards, Airush Wave kite

BIGGEST INSPIRATION: Muhammad Ali would have to be my inspiration. His quotes are priceless and watching his fights back in the day are insane. He inspires me through his strength and determination. I’ve actually got a Muhammad Ali picture in a frame hanging above my bed that my parents won at an auction – so the big man protects me at night!

IN MY FREE TIME I LIKE TO: When I’m not kiting I’m usually working on my clothing brand I just started up. It’s called ‘Listen’ clothing. It’s my dad’s old brand from the 70s that I started back up. It’s been super fun and had so many learning curves, I’m really excited for what’s to come. Other than that, I like playing a bit of tennis and running amock with my mates.

LISTENING TO: ‘Little Lies’ by Fleetwood Mac.
WATCHING: Shameless.
READING: Breath by Tim Winton.

MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS: If I were to be an animal, I’d definitely want to be a little chimpanzee. Just because they’re so cheeky and always seem to be so happy. I sometimes end up just watching heaps of videos on YouTube of them, so bloody funny.

IN 2028 I WILL BE: A billionaire that doesn’t have to work another day and travels the world kiting.


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