Unpolished by Stefan Spiessberger

Screenshot 2018 11 02 at 16.03.58 copy - Unpolished by Stefan Spiessberger

We dropped news of the first episode of this on to here a while back, but we decided it needed another hit now there are two more videos. And if you haven't caught this yet, Stefan Spiessberger's Unpolished series gives you a good insight into the life of a competitive kiteboarder. Stefan described the series to us as this:

“I launched UNPOLISHED this year with the goal to create something that goes a little bit deeper than the 99% of the content that is online today. Nowadays there is plenty of “Vlogs” online which are cool for people to watch I guess. I wanted to show the real life as a kiteboarder and everything that comes with it. All three episodes had a different story and showed a lot of behind the scenes, combined with high quality action parts.”

See the latest episodes below, or visit the Unpolished web over at unpolished-stefanspiessberger.com




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