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TheKiteMag 11 is here! And those lucky subscribers amongst you are probably already thumbing your way through this adventure packed issue, losing yourself amongst the wind, waves, and awe-inspiring anecdotes filling the 150+ pages of glossy kiteboarding goodness. You can pick up a copy from quality kiteboard stockists and magazine outlets across the globe, or just click here and we'll get this issue into the mail, along with a free TKM t-shirt and a 36KNOTS beanie. Bargain!

Now, here's a little glimpse into issue 11:

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FOR MAILOUT - TheKiteMag issue #11


“After a few moments the wonderful spectacle began: the elegance of Mitu versus the raw power of Airton, all tied in with the courage of Inês. Photographically for me it was incredible to shoot these riders in such epic conditions. We owe this to nature – which never stops giving us these incredible landscapes – and these riders, who together gave us such a unique show.”

Photographer Andrea D’Antoni raps on the biggest day to land on the shores of Ponta Preta, Cape Verde this winter. We get the full insight from those who were literally in the thick of it: Mitu Monteiro, Airton Cozzolino and Inês Correia…

logosmall - TheKiteMag issue #11

The Shoot - TheKiteMag issue #11


“I never take for granted the fact that I get to shoot with some of the best riders in the world. And they are always game for new ideas and have some great ideas of their own.”

Bianca Asher is behind the lens for ‘The Shoot', an all-new feature for TheKiteMag that lets the photographers tell the story from their unique angle.

logosmall - TheKiteMag issue #11

Inside Out KOTA - TheKiteMag issue #11


“Every competitor who makes the cut to the invitation-only event brings more than just outstanding riding. They are a tight-knit group of gifted and unique riders whose mission of smashing the boundaries of the sport is certain to be a crowd pleaser and keep the worldwide kiteboarding community glued to the livestream.”

From a truly unforgettable King of the Air in Cape Town to the fresh new Blue Palawan Open in the Philippines, we get a different perspective on two era-defining contests from those who were deeply involved – KotA judge Max Blom and videographer/rider Tom Court.

Inside Out Blue Palawan 1 - TheKiteMag issue #11

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BWS Learning from masters 1 - TheKiteMag issue #11


“Our search for bounty rarely comes up empty-handed. The kite spots are deserted stretches of beach that extend as far as the eye can see. Some are in secluded bays, leaving only a sliver of beach barely wide enough to rig and launch, others are forty meters wide and extend as far as the eye can see. Most are completely empty.”

Andreas Lagopoulos temporarily drops the day job of organizing exotic kite adventures and instead tags along on another, joining Ian Alldredge and the Ben Wilson Surf crew as they go exploring the wild north coast of the Dominican Republic…

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Diamonds in the Desert2 - TheKiteMag issue #11


“We kited between huge sand mountains while herds of pelicans flew over us! Then we drove home as the sun was going down. There were no roads or signs, and we struggled to find the same track that we came on…”

Marit Nore relates her Peruvian adventure in the company of Manuela Jungo, as the two discover sand-locked lagoons, endless waves and plenty of culinary delights…

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Focus Nico - TheKiteMag issue #11


This shot by Stefan Lechthaler makes the strict TheKiteMag grade for our ‘Focus' section, as do several other mind-blowing captures by some of the best in the business. See them in their full glory in issue 11…


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