TheKiteMag issue #13

thekitemag cover issue 13 - TheKiteMag issue #13

Unlucky for some, but definitely not for our readers… issue #13 is a doozy!
From the exciting new advances in the brave new world of foil, to tales of adventure and discovery in (and across) some of the remotest regions on the planet, and all lovingly complimented by the very finest photography from the very best in the business.

Welcome, ladies & gentleman, to TheKiteMag 13…. here's a glimpse:

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Mai Time 1 - TheKiteMag issue #13


“I used to run and organize it just by myself. So it’s been nice to get a little help. At the end of the day, the cool thing for me is that I’m not doing a job that takes me away from kiting, because every MaiTai revolves around kiting. Now that I’m not running around, chasing caterers down the beach, I’m actually getting on the water at these events because I have staff.”

Susi Mai knows what it is to be busy in the world of kiteboarding. From creating and organizing her MaiTai networking and fundrasing events, to remaining fully credible on the water, we hear how she makes it all work…

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The Greenland Tenderloin 2 - TheKiteMag issue #13


“We did enjoy a couple of great sessions in between the mist, the most memorable a sublime 200 kilometer all nighter through the cold of the Arctic’s midnight sun, where the temperature dropped to below -20˚C and the golden hues of sunset blend seamlessly into the crisp light of dawn under a luminous full moon.”

Having yet to launch a kite on water, mountaineer and adventurer Leo Houlding is undeterred as he joins experienced snowkiter Bruce Corrie for a trek across the Arctic tundra…

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Triple S - TheKiteMag issue #13


“I was more blown away with the consistency and level of riding this year than any other year across the board: men and women, top of the field and bottom of the field.”

Tom Slezak relates his feelings on this year's massively successful Triple-S event to head judge Brian Wheeler, as Sam Light (pictured) and Karolina Winkowska stand tall at the top of the podium…

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Days in the Sand 3 - TheKiteMag issue #13


“While in the water, Matchu noticed the sets started getting better, as if announcing that the best was yet to come. With so much beauty around us, we were happy to witness one of the most dramatic sunsets we had ever seen, something that only the desert solitude can provide.”

When a decent swell with perfect wind is forecast to land on the Cape Verde Islands, Matchu and friends seek out adventure on their own doorstep…

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Ten years on Grant Twiggy Baker - TheKiteMag issue #13


“That was an amazing time in kiteboarding, everything was new and fresh in waveriding and we were testing the limits of what we could do on the equipment we had. That event was crazy…”

Grant ‘Twiggy' Baker recounts the feelings of many from that memorable event at One Eye a decade ago, as Leena Ballack conveys more from those involved…

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The Shoot with photog Ydwer van der Heide 1 - TheKiteMag issue #13


“Sometimes you find a beautiful spot but it just doesn’t work with the wind. At those moments it is a pleasure to work with athletes who have the ability to perform in all kinds of conditions.”

Prolific and supremely talented kiteboarding photographer Ydwer van der Heide sings in praise of the conditions to be found on the Western Cape for The Shoot…

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Focus Jesse Naish photo Qunicy Dein - TheKiteMag issue #13


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TheKiteMag Issue 13 cover DIGIS - TheKiteMag issue #13


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