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Celebrating the turn of events that has seen some of the greatest evolutionary upheavals in professional kiteboarding take place in just a matter of weeks, we have all the latest content fresh out of the re-invigorated Pro Tour scene, the latest and greatest kit to hit the market and, as always, the best kiteboarding adventures documented by some of the best riders upon this beautiful blue planet of ours. All that and more contained within the glossy 167 pages that is TheKiteMag 14.

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Feature Rio 2 - TheKiteMag issue #14


“Tom and I fell seamlessly into step with our Brazilian teammates – launching off kickers and enjoying the spot for its smooth winds and beautiful backdrops. With the city looming just north of the spot, it was easy to get absorbed in the stunning cityscape on your tack out…”

Seasoned Brazil visitor Colleen Carroll takes up the offer from Reno Romeu to visit the bountiful flatwater spots and vibrant lifestyle to be found in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro. North Team colleagues Sebastian Ribeiro and Tom Court tag along for the ride…

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Feel the force PHOTO CREDIT LACI KOBULSKY 6 - TheKiteMag issue #14


From zero to heroes… It's been a pretty quick turnaround from what looked like the death of the professional circuit to finding itself in the strongest position it's been in for years…

So, not one to let a revolution pass by without getting the full skinny, we talk to the people behind the Global Kitesports Association as they kick off their Wave & Strapless Tour, the World Kiteboarding League who've pumped life back in to the freestyle scene, and Eyeforce, makers of Chapter One, kiteboarding's first full-length, epoch-defining feature film.

Feel the force PHOTO CREIT LACI KOBULSKY - TheKiteMag issue #14

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Blowing in the wind - TheKiteMag issue #14


“The wind… When it arrives, everything comes to life. For us kitesurfers it is a sign of a good day. We adapt to it. We look for spots depending on its orientation, its strength. We respect it. It is pure energy.”

Antoine Auriol's recent day job consisted of chasing some of the most famous winds in the world across seven different countries. Read all about the man and his adventures…

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Feature Head in the Clouds 3 - TheKiteMag issue #14


“There is simply nothing like the overwhelming sensation of getting barreled, traveling through time and space in a vortex of spiraling energy. Life almost stands still as you're engulfed by the radiant and powerful ocean tube…”

Jesse Richman, recently crowned the 2016 AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year, waxes lyrical on all things barrel as we document his recent and very epic visit to Cloudbreak…

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Focus Paulino - TheKiteMag issue #14


We hear all about how the Hood River Slider Jam went down from Sensi Graves; CORE Kites and Ocean Rodeo talk the latest kit from their respective stables; Slingshot and Liquid Force give us some insight into what's next from them; Ewan Jaspan gets grilled by his peers; Youri Zoon talks technique; Cape Town makes it on the list; Reside in the Northern Hemisphere and in the market for a snug new wetsuit? Our handy winter wetsuit guide has got it covered… All this, and much, much more!

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