TheKiteMag issue #16

cover16 - TheKiteMag issue #16

TheKiteMag's 16th edition is finding its way into the hands of merry subscribers and magazine purists the world over, and with it comes adventures, all the need-to-know latest on the best riders, kit and locations and our 2017 Brand Guide, keeping you up to date on what the hottest in the business have to offer as 2017 comes around. A very Happy Christmas to all our readers, and may the New Year bring you much in the way of wind and joy!
Now, here's a taste of what's in 16…

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
NJVSSNOW - TheKiteMag issue #16
“I think I was probably the first kiteboarder to kite on this pristine lake and it was an incredible experience. After Sylvan, we went home to pick up our camping gear and headed to the infamous Badlands for a night under the stars. But not before stopping for a drink…”

Guns, sausage, snow and nudity… South Dakota gets a visit from Nick Jacobsen, who discovers that the Black Hills and the Badlands actually hold a whole lot of promise for those with a kite.

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
Youri 2 - TheKiteMag issue #16
nightcrawlers - TheKiteMag issue #16
“Working with Andre is great – and I am a pain in the ass to work with! I usually want to have the perfect spot and perfect conditions… With the flash he is always spot on and he always has his gear ready – nothing is more annoying than when you make the effort on sick tricks and the flashes don't work!” – Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon (pictured), Bruna Kajiya, Carlos Mario and Paula Novotná reflect on their time spent in Brazil when under the glare of the flashbulbs of ultra-talented lensman, Andre Magarao.

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
Main Shot - TheKiteMag issue #16
ANAFRICANWINTER - TheKiteMag issue #16
“I finally arrived in Namibia over 24 hours later and, after four trips back to the airport, the bags finally arrived an hour before sunset, leaving us with not enough time to session the best day of the forecast…”

Despite this unlucky turn, Graham Howes – on a rare staycation in Southern Africa – did manage to score it big on his own (enormous) doorstep…
(Photo: Alan Van Gysen)

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
Scillies Kite2016  AmyRomer 047 - TheKiteMag issue #16
SCILLY - TheKiteMag issue #16
“As if I'd just eased back on the throttle (I checked, I hadn't) the 15hp engine on my tiny RIB slowed and then cut out, leaving me in absolute silence and alone a mile from land. I gave the petrol tank a quick shake, eliminating the possibility that the problem was the only one I knew how to fix, and looked up to find myself a mile from land in every direction. Thus I discovered the reality of adventure kitesurfing…”

Ben Gillespie and friends head for the UK's southernmost archipelago in search of some secret foiling perfection…

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
Best shot - TheKiteMag issue #16
alex neto - TheKiteMag issue #16
“I'm very surprised with the amount of positive changes that we managed in such a short period of time. I think that this is the first moment that kiteboarding has brought the riders all together, supporting an association created by us, the riders, in a mission to make the World Championship the best one so far.”

Brazilian Alex Neto is known for his friendly attitude and easy-going demeanor. But get him on the water and he's every bit the contender, as recent results have proved. Gracing the cover of this issue, it was high time we found out a little more about the man himself…

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
BRAND GUIDE - TheKiteMag issue #16
brand guide visual - TheKiteMag issue #16
Every brand who is worth their salt in this game is featured in our 2017 Brand Guide, giving you an overview of who they are, what's cooking in their respective kiteboarding kitchens, and we highlight the best bits of kit they have on the market… Get it free with issue #16 of TheKiteMag!

tkm break - TheKiteMag issue #16
christmasairton - TheKiteMag issue #16

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