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Tucked Away in Tahiti - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“The area is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and getting a proper kite session out there is about as good as it gets. I had some solid beatdowns, a lot of trips through the lagoon, and a few Tahitian reef tattoos to take back home with me, but it’s always worth it in the end.”

With limited options on where to drop anchor for the winter, Keahi de Aboitiz picked Tahiti.
It was, of course, a very savvy choice indeed…


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“I see the team as a big family; being part of it is very special. This trip was my first time in Corsica and I fell in love with the place – the island is very beautiful with crystal clear water and fantastic landscapes…”

Marcela Witt joined the F-ONE team less than a year ago, and with the pandemic in play it meant that their annual product shoot played out close to home…


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MauiMoments - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“This year, it’s been rather magical to have Maui without many tourists. To show up and see extraordinary conditions with just a few friends, brought back distant memories of growing up on the island when there were way fewer people around.”

Jesse Richman scored epic conditions on the new North kit, both arriving at the tail end of Maui's main season. The fact that it wasn't busy was an extra bonus…


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“I found myself landing in Tofino at the end of the summer, and between surfing and kiting I’ve been able to get in the water almost every day. The quality of the surf is pretty average most of the time but average is way better than nothing! And every now and then everything lines up for some world class sessions.”

On the rugged edges of southwest Canada, Reece Myerscough is busy getting used to his new home turf as he prepares himself for another year on the GKA tour.


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The Scenic Route - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“We stopped at Farstadsanden where the wind was side-onshore and perfect for kiting. We jumped into our wetsuits in no time and Truls the dog was running around the beach, being our Baywatch lifeguard.”

Kari Schibevaag heads out on a Norwegian adventure, criss-crossing islands and scouting for kite spots along the stunning Atlantic Road…


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Sicilian Lemonade - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“Sure, it was quite relaxed not to have our bosses looking over our shoulder, but when it got windy, things got hectic. We took turns behind the camera, holding the flash, flying the drone, kiting, driving and cooking (well, mostly restaurant choosing…).”

Photographer Laci Kobulsky teams up with Liloo Fourré and Alex Meindl for a stripped-back CrazyFly photoshoot in sunny (and windy) Sicily…


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Tangled Lines - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“If it really lights a fire inside you, go and enjoy every single day in the water and try to give all you’ve got – every hour in the water counts. Everything you do with passion you will be successful and become good at.”

Kite superstar Rita Arnaus offers up her answers to questions from her peers (and us) in the latest Tangled Lines…


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feature spreads - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #40

“I went from having a fully booked schedule of travel for the upcoming competition season to no travels at all, moving back in with my parents, ending a five-year relationship, and having a sponsor change. Interesting times!”

Life switched up pretty quick for recent addition to the Flysurfer team, Johanna-Catharina
Edin. Luckily, the reliable Tarifa winds came to her rescue…


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