TheKiteMag Issue #5

Cover1 - TheKiteMag Issue #5

Issue #5 of TheKiteMag is here. Bigger yet again with 144 pages of premium quality photo and feature goodness.  We've even got around to squeezing Mr Hadlow onto the cover… 

For this issue we held our deadline to ensure that we could get the first sumptuous print photos from the Triple-S to you. These epic shots are stitched together with some exclusive words from the main man on the front line, Brian Wheeler. He talks us through the history of the event, how things went down this year (spoiler alert: it was pretty tense), and also caught up with event founder Trip Foreman to see what he's made of the last ten years, and his hopes for the next ten.

Triple S - TheKiteMag Issue #5


div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5

Then we stay in ‘The Americas' and discover that the Bahamas aren't all 15m kites and XXL Americans on their ‘summer break'… 

Bahamas - TheKiteMag Issue #5



div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5

We catch up with Blade's Brazilian/might-as-well-be-Indonesian team-rider Stephan Figueiredo who continues to fly the flag for unhooked waveriding.

Int2 - TheKiteMag Issue #5


div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5

There's a new column where a rider talks us through their favorite stick, which this issue happens to be Triple-S winner Sam Light talking about his all new Pro Model, the Refraction.Im On It - TheKiteMag Issue #5


div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5

Hugo Valente takes us through a typical day at his local beach with the local crew. Not a bad bunch…

Brazialian - TheKiteMag Issue #5


div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5

Jake Kelsick gets all hands on with Rail Building 101.

Build a rail - TheKiteMag Issue #5
div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #5


…and Robby Naish finds some snow close to home.

Focus - TheKiteMag Issue #5


I know, once again: we are spoiling you.

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