55 cover mockup 1200 600x600 - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

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55 cover mockup 1200 600x600 - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

What is inside this issue?

TKM55 The Real Stig copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“During the first few hours of the shoot, while filming the opening scene, the car flipped four times ending up on its side. Luckily my friend Rover only had a few scratches and was unharmed. But the car wasn’t… it was completely totaled and written off… this meant the end of the video and, in my mind, the end of this video concept.”

Episode two of Stig Hoefnagel’s “The Real Stig” video series went very wrong, but Stig dug deep and found the courage to make a third one. Set against Ireland’s stunning backdrops, his Top Gear style race against “The Stig” is worth a watch.

TKM55 The Real Stig copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55
TKM55 Bula Vinaka copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“The vibe in the channel was electric, a mix of excitement, stoke and fear. Us and the other boats all chocker block with spectators, camera people and surfers sped towards the horizon into safer waters. Heaving, spitting and barreling so hard, the legendary Cloudbreak was going off its brain. A whole bus could have fit into some of the pits we were seeing.”

Fearless Gabi put it all on the line and got on a plane – along with most of the top names in big wave surfing – and headed to Fiji’s notorious Cloudbreak to score perhaps the most memorable waves of her life.

TKM55 Trade Winds copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“Often we’d be traveling in the dark on the bangkas. One boat kept breaking down, the engine would stall, they’d tinker with it for a bit in the dark, then pull the string and it would go… Another day the boat almost capsized and we nearly lost all the camera gear overboard.”

Things could have gone very wrong for the North photoshoot to the Philippines, but in the end it all worked out beautifully thanks to the consistent trade winds and a team of badass people coming together.

TKM55 Trade Winds copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55
TKM55 Brazils Brutal Downwinder copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“I was only scheduled to compete in three of the five days of the competition and thought I would be disappointed not to see the whole event out but – being totally honest – I was pretty relieved to have some rest days built into my schedule! I had the worst harness rash of my life after day one, and by the end of the final day I could barely make it up the beach.”

It was a tough gig for our Editor-in-Chief Alex having to go on the XP Sertões Kitesurf downwinder in Brazil, probably the longest, toughest, most brutal kiting event on the planet…

TKM55 The golden hour copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“I try to conserve my energy for the evening session as sunset is a must for shooting. Golden hour is my favorite time of the day. Watching the sun set never gets old and it’s definitely special when you can enjoy this moment while kiting. When I’m shooting I try to take in as much of this moment as possible, but at the same time it can be a little bit hectic.”

Hannah Whiteley gives us some insight into what it takes to capture epic photos while hanging out in an area where she’s been honing her skills for many moons.

TKM55 The golden hour copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55
TKM55 newsround copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“I managed to see some old friends and shoot at my favorite spots with some incredible riders that have also become great friends throughout the years. I mainly spent my time in Taiba shooting freestyle and park. It’s crazy to see where freestyle is right now – the level is so high. There are so many good riders and so many different styles.”

Photographer Andre Magarao often spends time in northeast Brazil and sent us some gems from his time there this season snapping the top freestyle pros who head to the area’s butter-flat lagoons to train.

TKM55 Lost Luggage copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“Our journey included a stopover in Casablanca before reaching Dakhla at midnight. Upon arrival, however, we faced the first hiccup – my boardbags hadn’t made it onto the same flight. The ensuing hassle involved engaging with Royal Air Maroc’s crew at the airport, who, unfortunately, had no information about the whereabouts of the boardbags.”

Did Pablo Amores ever get his gear back so he could capture the media content he needed and make the most of Dakhla’s quality waves and vast lagoon? Delve into our latest issue to find out…

TKM55 Lost Luggage copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55
TKM55 Harness Party copy - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #55

“Arthur was such a professional rider as you would expect, and great to work with. He seemed to be really in touch with the snow as he was stomping tricks with amazing style and pulling off some stylish airs. It is always nice to see riders enjoying themselves when the conditions are good.”

This was Arthur Guillebert’s first trip to the snowy wilderness of northern Finland, and for a Freestyle World Champion you wouldn’t expect anything less than for him to throw down some mad skills.

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