56 cover mockup 1200 600x600 - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

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56 cover mockup 1200 600x600 - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

What is inside this issue?


Going Nowhere

“The kiters excitedly set up for their first powered session on their smaller kites with beaming smiles. Those crowns quickly turned into frowns as the riders, one by one, came to terms with the freezing cold water at this spot. The seasonal glacial melt formed the tributary river, which filled the lake here, and this spot in the lake was extra icy.”

Despite the icy water, the North crew enjoyed some epic kite sessions in Patagonia. They also managed to fit in some rock jumping, snowboarding – with the slopes all to themselves – and some partying in Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital.

TKM56 Impromptu Plans copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

Impromptu Plans

“Despite not being a conventional kite spot, Matt managed to secure permission that same day for us to launch from the island, granting us a unique sunset session. The session unfolded on both sides of the island. Matt and Chris pumped up on the north side of the island and were able to jump up and say hi to the people walking by on the bridge.”

The ‘Overseas Highway’ provides a road link to Key West, an island 128 miles beyond the end of the Florida peninsula. It also provided a great backdrop to Chris Bobryk’s impromptu photoshoot with photographer Nicole.

TKM56 strap in copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

Strap In

“I’ve been riding strapless for over 10 years, and just recently I started trying out a bit of strapped-in riding. I’ve been getting a lot of mixed responses from people about this, mostly negative… Why is that? I think most kitesurfers are led to believe that riding strapless is ‘cool’ while riding with straps is ‘uncool’.”

For years, wave riding without straps has been seen as the coolest way to ride, but now RRD founder Roberto Ricci and team rider Carl Ferreira argue the case for the benefits of straps and how they could lead to further evolution in wave riding.

TKM56 strap in copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56
TKM56 CCC copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

The diaries of Cohan and Steezy Pete

“15th November – Dear Diary… Sh*t. Might have bitten off more than I can chew. Turns out, Steezy Pete = not so steezy. Have now realized that this is why they call him that. Feeling a bit panicked. We need Orbits and flat water. Right now. Actually yesterday. All of this, and I’ve got my KOTA debut next week also. Sh*t.”

Steezy Pete, long-standing compadre of our beloved Colin Colin Carroll, is no pro kiter. Would Big Air competitor Cohan van Dijk manage to coach, coax and cajole Pete into pulling a ballsy, no-holds-barred megaloop?


Saved the Day

“Yet, just when you’re on the brink of completion, ten days before the event, you receive the worst possible message from your associate at midnight. ‘Rami, I’ve just had a meeting with the owner of the features. He’s pulling out of the deal. He won’t provide the rails. I think we need to cancel the event.’”

Ramiro Gallart loves park riding and helps organize the Kite Park League events, but when it looked like the one in his home country Argentina would have to be cancelled, he called in all the favors to ensure it went ahead.

TKM56 A Closer Look copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

A Closer Look

From the moment we landed in Argentina to the moment we departed, the people we interacted with and the events they included us in formed the basis of what made this trip so memorable. As with most journeys, endeavors or new explorations, the people you surround yourself with are what shapes the experience more so than the experience itself.”

Xander Raith reflects on his latest trip with Noè Font, and how their two weeks in Argentina was about so much more than just kiting. It’s fair to say that the hospitality of the locals blew them both away.

TKM56 Rendezvous at Sunset copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

Rendezvous at Sunset

“It was during these fleeting moments, when the light was just right, that we aimed to seize the magic. Our photographer worked tirelessly to capture every moment, ensuring that no detail escaped his lens. The photos we captured played with the reflections of the setting sun, taken from both the water and the shore using various equipment.”

Levitaz sent us some stunning photos of their recent trip to Egypt, where they very ably proved the point that the golden hours of sunrise and sunset are usually an outstanding time for executing a photoshoot.

TKM56 Rendezvous at Sunset copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56
TKM56 Chasing Sunrays copy scaled - THEKITEMAG ISSUE #56

Chasing Sunrays

“Our goal was simple – to soak up every bit of warmth that Egypt has to offer, to enjoy some kiting, SUPing and wingfoiling, and to try and find and hopefully swim with dolphins. However, our journey took an unexpected twist as the baggage carousel played a cruel trick, leaving our checked bags nowhere in sight.”

Kari Schibevaag and friends wanted to swap the freezing temperatures of Norway’s winter for the welcoming warmth of Egypt. Did their bags eventually turn up so they could make the most of the perfect conditions for water sports?

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