TheKiteMag Issue #6

TheKiteMag issue6 cover - TheKiteMag Issue #6

In our latest outing, you'll find a very healthy mix of far flung adventure tales from our global correspondents, and plenty of new product coverage as the brands bring their 2016 kit onto the market, as well as the usual reviews, interviews and sublime imagery that we hope you're getting accustomed to.

Here's just a taste of what you can find in issue 6…

Panama 2 - TheKiteMag Issue #6

“Fresh off the plane and already baking in the equatorial sun we made our way through the dense city streets, feverishly searching for the next road that would take us far from the congestion of this booming town…”

Jason Keller Hudson heads to Panama to track down the uncommon adventurer, Chris Bobryk.

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TheKiteMag issue6 The Namibian dream 4 - TheKiteMag Issue #6

“I’ve kited big waves, and I’ve kited big barrels, but never fast waves like this. A local guy told me he drove along the wave at 60 kilometers an hour – and the wave was still faster than his truck. I pumped up my 7 meter Neo and waxed up my 5’8” WAM and set out for the frigid Atlantic once again.”

Patri McLaughlin departs the Hawaiian summer and heads for the mythical Skeleton Coast…

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Drop Everything - TheKiteMag Issue #6

“Paulino told us of the rough west coast and that we might find something there. It was getting late and our chances to score were slim but we thought we would try our luck. The dirt track to the spot was pretty extreme and our Chinese truck did a superb job. Finally we got to the secret spot where strong offshore wind and shoulder-high waves awaited us…”

Hannes Burner joins Paulino Pereira and big wave rider Ryan Coote as they chase a Cape Verdian swell.

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TheKiteMag issue6 the dark room 3 - TheKiteMag Issue #6

Stephan Kleinlein returns with another expert photography tutorial for wannabe snappers.

This time, it's all about the composition: how, why and when.

div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #6

Waveriding royalty shpt - TheKiteMag Issue #6

Jalou Langeree and Keahi Aboitiz have proved their versatility and talent by gracing many a podium.

We hear their thoughts on life and the tour as they lead the charge for the 2015 wave titles…

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TheKiteMag issue6 Kitesista 1 - TheKiteMag Issue #6

Having collaborated with the crew at Kite Sista for some time now, we decided it was high time to bring them fully into the TheKiteMag fold (excuse the pun).

So from this issue onward, Kite Sista will have their very own section of the magazine. Stoked to welcome them aboard.

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TheKiteMag issue6 Im on it Christophe - TheKiteMag Issue #6

2014 World Champion Christophe Tack tells us what he's currently riding and why…

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TheKiteMag issue6 focus pages 4 - TheKiteMag Issue #6

And, as ever, we highlight the stories behind some of the most interesting shots to land on TheKiteMag desks in the past few weeks.

All this and so, so much more in issue 6 of TheKiteMag: available now!

div graphic - TheKiteMag Issue #6

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