TheKiteMag issue #8

Cover issue 8 - TheKiteMag issue #8

Once again we bring you nothing but the best and most graphically glorious content from the global kiteboarding community, stocked with stories, kit reviews, travel advice, tutorials and the very best images from the very best kiteboarding photographers…

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Now, just a taste of what you can expect in the latest issue…

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The Twilight Zone Jerome Cloetens - TheKiteMag issue #8

The Twilight Zone

“He is a great photographer and he is always amped to get great shots so it makes it fun to shoot with him. You can see he is having fun shooting which creates a great vibe and makes it easier for us to land tricks…”

As the pro tour heads into the southern hemisphere, so to do those who are there to document it for a living. Jerome Cloetens and other tour kingpins sing in high praise of cutting edge photographer, Andre Magarao…

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Feature Sardinia - TheKiteMag issue #8

Food and Freestyle in Sardinia

“Sardinia might be a place which is still a bit under the radar as kite spots go during the summer, but it comes high on the list for me with the promise of warm water, warm winds and some of the finest food on the planet.”

Manuela Jungo lays her priorities bare as she enjoys the good life on the Isola Del Vento.

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Lifetime of barrels options - TheKiteMag issue #8

Confessions of a Barrel Hunter

“Powerful waves breaking in a few inches of water with all those kite lines in a remote island in a third world country can be a little freaky. But the reward is much greater than the fear and I can't get enough!”

Rob Kidnie is an addict of the blue and barreling kind… he tells us how he's come to deal with it.

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How do you test that Slingshot 3D printing - TheKiteMag issue #8

How Do You Test That?

From the first rough sketches to the shiny finished products… we celebrate the brains behind the brands, as they come clean on the immense amount of time, work, and testing involved in bringing innovative new kiteboard technology to you.

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Kitemares - TheKiteMag issue #8


“Nick Jacobsen wanted to focus on getting a better shot and ended up going through the lines of the last 2 kites. It should have been simple enough to get out of but once one kite was released it turned into a big death looping mess. As bad as it was, the whole thing was kind of hilarious…” – Keahi de Aboitiz

Time for some car crash rubber-necking as we hear woeful tales from the pros about the times when things didn't quite go according to plan…

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Profile Meerkite - TheKiteMag issue #8

Profile: #MEERKITE

“Liquid Force are family to me. They have been great to me although, truth be told, I picked them.”

We talk homies, lovers and burros with the #kitebeachlegend himself…

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Focus shot Mario Rodwald - TheKiteMag issue #8


“As a little fellow I admired him for his riding, and today I also admire his art behind the lens where he comes up with angles and perspectives that are pretty unique…”

Mario Rodwald (seen here with his sister) raps about Henning Nockel as we once again bring you a selection of the most mind-blowing shots from the very best kiteboard photographers on Planet Earth.

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All this and much, much more in issue 8 of TheKiteMag: available now!

Contents shot Svetlana Romantsova IMG 9495 V2 - TheKiteMag issue #8

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