A Profile and an apology

Capture - A Profile and an apology

Last issue we featured this cracking shot of Philipp Zach (above) in Mauritius as one of our Focus shots…

Unfortunately, in our excitement at the quality of the shot, we lost our way a little and mis–credited the photographer. We said it was Toby Bromwich when it was in fact Thomas Burblies. Apologies to all concerned.

While we are on the subject of Philipp Zach though, we thought this would be a good opportunity to find out a little but more about the trip and about what he’s up to…

“Being part of the Core family brought me again to such a wonderful place as Mauritius. Together with the Core Kiteboarding team we spent almost 2 months there and had – as always – an awesome and unforgettable experience. We were lucky, scoring some pretty good swells where we found ourselves riding perfect barreling lefthanders all alone.

DA2D1060 - A Profile and an apology

“When taking pictures you always have to see both sides of the coin. On one side there are these unreal moments where all the components are just perfectly aligned and you feel building up flow with every wave you ride, and as a result of that pictures just turn out amazing. And on the other side you have days where just one factor is out of place giving you such a hard time to make it work.

“Right now I am on Maui and I continue my search of this perfect alignment. The wind is up and some winter storms are still passing in the northern hemisphere and the search continues…” – Philipp Zach

20140313TIP 5DM2B 0694 bear - A Profile and an apology

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