Absorption of Flymaax by Gin Kiteboarding

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There is some news over at Gin Kiteboarding! Read all about it here.

New Milestone – Now it's officially time to announce the absorption of Flymaax by Gin Kiteboarding

About two years ago, we were already involved in both the ram air kite and the freeride sector, but something was missing. Having new challenges is what drives us here at Gin Kiteboarding, and besides our Athletes and Ambassadors, our staff members are also truly passionate about competing. We were then all looking for a challenge.  

Right at that time, World Sailing announced that kitefoiling would be an Olympic sailing discipline. Entering that sector would have been a huge asset for us and would have opened many opportunities. Our new challenge was just there, right in front of us. We would produce the Formula 1 of kites. 

To carry out our ambition, we chose to rely on the world’s most performant existing kite brand on the market; Flymaax. That strategic choice was made with the purpose of stepping in the market with the best possible foundation, and to keep developing and improving the products as far as possible with the help of our internal engineers, together with our race Athletes.  

As a result, not only did we strongly enter the race sector, but thanks to the high-end level in race kite development achieved, we have been able to apply those technological advances to more widely accessible kites, resulting in uniquely performing freeride leisure products, such as our iconic Instinct HB. It is a freerace kite, combining the best of the racing and the freeride world. It uses the same technology as the Boom v2, while remaining easy and instinctive to fly.  

Now is the time to rebrand our products. The Boom V2 will from now on have the Gin Kiteboarding logo, and we look forward to seeing our Formula 1 kites perform with you.   

Find out more here.

Screenshot 2022 08 18 at 10.52.52 - Absorption of Flymaax by Gin Kiteboarding

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