An Easter Snowkite Story

nordt - An Easter Snowkite Story

Happy Easter! Easter in Norway means snow, mountains and playtime. It is no Easter without this! And I have to say I got lucky again…

3 - An Easter Snowkite Story

This year I spent my easter in Lofoten. The weather forecast looked promising so I packed my bag and started hiking up into the mountains to find some good conditions. It was sunny when I started out but after just 10 minutes of walking the sky turned gray and the snow was falling heavy on me.

Skjermbilde 2015 04 05 kl - An Easter Snowkite Story

Funnily enough, I´ve been waiting for this snowfall the whole winter, but of course when I was dressed up for sun and a nice Easter, the snow was suddenly dumping… Usually snowfall puts a big smile on my face, but not so much when hiking.

My 30kg backpack which contained only the necessities got wet and it didn´t much help my motivation to keep walking. But the weather can change rapidly up north, so with the good forecast on my mind, I was going to the top.

skitelt - An Easter Snowkite Story

After some hours walking I reached the summit and was ready to put up my tent. I was cold, wet and hungry. But with new clothing and a warm sleeping bag, everything was soon good again. While sitting in my tent the sun appeared and the light outside was going crazy! All the pain hiking up was now forgotten and I went skiing in powder with an awesome view and an amazing sunset.

8 - An Easter Snowkite Story

Life was good and all the pain in my body was forgotten… and it got even better! The Northern Light's were suddenly moving all over the sky. It was crazy to see the beach, mountains, my tent, the skis… all of it together with the Northern Lights. This was the Easter I wanted!

teltn - An Easter Snowkite Story

I got a few hours sleep and was super happy when I woke up and felt the sun on my tent.

6 - An Easter Snowkite Story

It was a good feeling. I was happy. Wind and sun – what more could I want? But cloud was moving in and I had to wait a few hours before conditions came good again. I know the weather changes a lot in the north, but this time I got it all, four seasons in one day.

2 - An Easter Snowkite Story

Getting ready to to pack my gear and ski down again, the crazy lighting and some wind came back. What a place, what a feeling.

I love Lofoten.


G1023057 - An Easter Snowkite Story

4 - An Easter Snowkite Story

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