AWAY in Brazil: Jason Blanchard

Words by: Following his latest film, Jason Blanchard blogs about his first visit to Brazil for TheKiteMag

With my school obligation done, I decided to take a year off to focus a 100% on kiteboarding. Brazil was a destination I’d wanted to visit for a while and luckily I had the chance to spend a month there with a good friend of mine, who’s also from Canada.

a1 - AWAY in Brazil: Jason Blanchard

Everyone knows this place as the best kiteboarding destination in the world and now I can definitely tell you that it is the best destination I’ve ever been to. If you ask me to describe Brazil in 3 words, it would be: “Wind every day”. This place is just insane, I was there for a month and I had a month of perfect wind.

abc3 - AWAY in Brazil: Jason Blanchard

What I found really cool with Brazil is that there’s not only one lagoon where you can ride, there’s a plenty. And it’s a 5 or 30 minutes drive to go from one lagoon to the other. In every lagoon you will find a different crew of good riders and when you kite with better riders, you become better as well. So if you want to go a place where you won’t have to worry about the wind conditions, go to Brazil, The conditions are perfect!


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