AWSI Kiteboard Athletes of the Year 2015

cc awsi - AWSI Kiteboard Athletes of the Year 2015

There's a high chance you've already heard who the winners are in the ‘Kiteboard Athletes of the Year' awards at the Association of Wind & Watersports Industries annual ceremony [SPOILER ALERT – it was Colleen Carroll and Brandon Scheid] but we wanted to do one last post about it for two reasons:

1. They both rock. We're stoked that they've contributed to our young magazine a variety of times in a variety of ways. They really deserve this award.

2. Their nominee videos, below, kick ass and really get across the sheer skill and versatility of these two athletes within a matter of seconds. So we had to put them out there.

Once again, congratulations both, fully deserved, and well done to all the other nominees (and winners) in the kiteboarding categories.

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