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Words by: After a busy few months, Kari Schibevaag heads back to her happy place...

After a fun winter with a lot of trips around the world, it’s finally time for Lofoten again. It’s summer and the wind has been amazing for the last few days.

kitestein - Back to Lofoten

It’s good to be back in this wild place where I can do everything I love: kiting, hiking, SUP, snorkeling, playing around with the kids or just relaxing in the car.

Skjermbilde 2015 06 17 kl - Back to Lofoten

The summer has just started here and I´m looking forward to having a summer full of action with good, happy people around.

My old car did not survive the winter, but don’t worry, I found myself a new, better house…

MG 4156 - Back to Lofoten

MG 3000 - Back to Lofoten

Ramberg in Lofoten… the best place to spend a summer.


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