BWSurf release Ian Alldredge TDZ Signature Kite

BWSurf have announced the release of the new TDZ Ian Alldredge Pro signature model kite. Dano See, head designer at BWSurf has spent a lot of time kiteboarding with Ian around the world, and was therefore best placed to design and fine tune a kite in collaboration with him.

ianalldredgekite1 - BWSurf release Ian Alldredge TDZ Signature Kite

“The brand new TDZ kite is designed with pro rider Ian Alldredge’s style and home conditions in mind. This means it suits fast turning, powerful, on & off wave riding conditions. It excels in clean to gusty winds and all directions while still providing the Ultimate Down the Line Drift needed for surfing with a kite. It features an all-new no-pulley bridle system with a fixed setting for faster turning, increased kite feedback and a more stable top end – just as Ian desired.” – Dano See

FreddyVargas TDZKite3 copy - BWSurf release Ian Alldredge TDZ Signature Kite

The TDZ Ian Alldredge Pro features:

  • Faster turning
  • Ultimate Drift
  • Massive depower
  • Lightning-fast relaunch
  • New no-pulley bridle system
  • Unparalleled top-end stability
  • Increased rider feedback & response

The kites are available in a 6/8/10m limited release.

For more information:

TDZRawsonBoardGoPro - BWSurf release Ian Alldredge TDZ Signature Kite

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