Cabadelo Beach – Portugal

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Where can you find an uncrowded beach where kitesurfers and windsurfers coexist peacefully, where beginners and advanced alike can find conditions to suit their needs, where the safety cover is free, the wind is reliable, the sun shines, the accommodation out of this world, the food and wine leaves you wanting more and the culture and adventure is the name of the game?  

No this is not heaven, although you will be forgiven for thinking it is.

This is Cabedelo Beach in North-West Portugal where a new sports hotel opened just four months ago, kicking off the summer kiting season in what may just become one of our favourite spots. Planet Kitesurf Holidays recently visited the area to tell us more about this new destination.

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Discovering a different side of Portugal

Set far away from the hustle and bustle of The Algarve, this area of Portugal is not commercialized in any way and provides a truly unique cultural experience as well as a beautiful natural escape for adventure junkies.

With daily flights from the UK, most major European cities and some regional airports, to the historical town of Porto, West Portugal is a great option for a short haul holiday with the family. From there it is a 45 minute transfer to the cultural port of Viana do Castelo – a beautiful authentic harbour area where the Lima River meets the sea.

It is here on Cabedelo Beach that FeelViana opened their boutique luxury hotel at the beginning of summer offering amazing accommodation, back dropped by beautiful landscapes and surrounded by rich historical sites and a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

More about FeelViana

The FeelViana Hotel is a sports hotel, built and run by ex-professional windsurfers, kitesurfers and cyclists. The hotel blends in with the natural habitat where it is set, using natural wood features with pops of colour to create a feeling that is at one with the environment. Your room is set just a few steps away from the water and you can be on the ocean in no time, thanks to the on site kitesurf centre that stocks all the latest equipment and has a range of courses for all skill levels.

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There is also much to do when you are not kitesurfing, from sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding to exploring the many bars and restaurants of the surrounding area. The hotel also offers a range of top cycling equipment and has mapped over 400km of cycling tracks for you to explore, either with a guided tour or on your own with a nifty GPS system which details the tracks. From cycling through to Spain for an afternoon of tapas, to meandering down the river in search of country wineries, to exploring the historical and cultural sites of the region, there is so much to discover in this beautiful part of Portugal.

The kitesurfing in West Portugal

Cabedelo Beach is protected by the harbour of Viana do Castelo which provides great conditions for a variety of skill levels. This area of Portugal is said to provide the most consistent wind in the whole country and thermal by nature, the wind builds throughout the day, although it is not uncommon to have great wind from after breakfast right through until sunset!

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Just off the beach, beginners and those learning to kitesurf can enjoy flat-water and a long stretch of beach where the wind blows side shore, while further down the beach, the waves start to peel back and the Atlantic Ocean provides a playground for more advanced kitesurfers who will enjoy the strong winds which start to build in the afternoon. Everyone can also rest assured as the horseshoe shape of the harbour creates a safe zone while the local lifeguard society is on stand by to offer free safety boat cover to any one using the beach.

For the team at Planet Kitesurf Holidays, this undiscovered part of Portugal is quickly becoming one of their favourite places to visit and they can’t wait to return time and time again. Contact them to get in on the action today!

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