Capucine Delannoy joins Team North

North Kiteboarding proudly welcome Capucine Delannoy to their team of international riders.

Winner of the GKA Distance Battle at 14 years old, Capucine is already dominating the strapless freestyle scene. 

We are extremely proud to welcome Capucine Delannoy to our team of international riders.

At age 14, Capucine is already dominating the strapless freestyle scene, recently winning the Strapless Freestyle discipline for the GKA Distance Battle in 2020.

Originally from France, Capucine first got a taste for competing with slalom ski racing, however it was when the Delannoys moved to Preá, Brazil that Capucine’s passion turned to kiting.

Capucine’s father taught her to kite at 7 years old and she picked it up exceptionally quickly. Inspired by her brother Camille Delannoy, while supporting him at a kitesurfing competition in Cape Verde, Capucine knew she wanted to be world champion and began her journey to get there.

“I just love the freedom you have kitesurfing. The feeling when you land a new trick, it’s just amazing.” – Capucine Delannoy

Capucine and Camille are the strapless freestyle duo. They push each other to try again and again until they land a new trick perfectly. Capucine’s favourite trick at the moment is the Double Frontroll, but it’s a secret what’s shes working on next!
Capucine juggles schoolwork, alongside a strict training schedule. Studying online, the young prodigy is able to study in the mornings before the wind picks up at her favourite spot at home, in Preá, Brazil – bliss!

Mike Raper, Brand Director at North Kiteboarding says;

“Capucine is a talented young rider, whose potential is unlimited. We have a really strong senior team and it’s exciting for a young rider like Capucine to take our team to the next level. There is so much ahead of her and we’re stoked to be able to support Capucine with the equipment and the team she needs to excel. We’re so excited to see where she will take it.

Welcome to the team Capcuine!”



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