Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

20141217 RIC 0102 2 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

Time is flying, After my PKRA victory, it all went crazy. I was looking forward to spending a month at home with my friends and family, but in the end I spent most of my time driving around doing photoshoots, appearances on TV shows and radio interviews.

I've signed a contract to promote a product that helps you stop nail biting (I’m a sell out, haha!) and started my corporation just in time for my flight to Australia. I’m a CEO now, how good!

20141217 RIC 0633 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

I did feel a bit lost and meaningless, to be honest, just talking about myself. Now I’m writing about myself… haha! I also felt like I didn’t have a clear goal anymore.

Leaving home again was harder than ever before, it felt like I hadn’t spent enough time with my family, friends (and my cats and dogs) and that time passed way to fast. I wasn’t living with my mind in the present enough. I guess it’s normal at some point, but I do hate myself when this happens.

20150116  RIC0273 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

But Australia has treated me very well, I’m having a blast in Perth every single day, landed some new tricks already and have a fair few new tricks I would like to land in 2015.

My mind is a bit off the PKRA. Since we don’t know what’s going on, I’m just focusing on how to take the sport to the next level. I hope I’ll be doing some bigger video projects throughout 2015. It’s good to have a goal again, and for me it’s all about trying new tricks now. Let’s see how those will go in the future PKRA events, if the judging criteria and competition format fits my vision on the sport, that is.

20150115  RIC0086 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

2015 is looking bright already, my sponsors are stoked and supportive, I feel like we do have more progression in the airtricks category and I got plenty of ideas/projects I’d like to make true this year.

2015 is on… Tack
All photos: Rick Pryce @

20141217 RIC 0048 2 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win


20141214 RIC 8736 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win


20150117  RIC0323 - Christophe Tack: Beyond the Win

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