Collective Experience – BWSurf Ebook

In collaboration with their global team riders, BWSurf have recently released a full-color, strapless kitesurfing eBook guide. And, even more good news – it’s FREE!

The guide contains all manner of tips and advice from riders such as Ian Alldredge, Josh Mulcoy, Ben Bourgeois, Gretta Kruesi, Trevor Hendy and more.
Head over the the BWSurf website to download a copy now:

“BWSurf team riders are incredible kitesurfers, but they’re also extremely talented surfers. In fact, many are pro-surfers who discovered kiting as a means to extend their time on the water and compliment their surfing. These guys are a big part of the BWSurf family. It’s their input into our R&D and constant feedback that allows us to create the best equipment to suit different riding styles and conditions. Having riders who are competent in both kiting and surfing, enables us to be innovative and at the cutting edge of surf-style riding.
This ebook will give you a good insight into what drives our riders as well as some handy tips you can apply to your own riding.” – BWSurf

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