CORE Pro Leash 2

core pro 2 - CORE Pro Leash 2

CORE has announced the launch of their new kite leash system. Specifically tailored for hardcore freestyle riders, the Core Pro Leash 2 follows on from the success of their hooked-riding-specific Short leash. Off the back of that, the designers went about creating a leash perfect for unhooked freestyle or wakestyle sessions.

The exceptionally light Core Pro Leash 2 features a heavy duty carabiner, a massive 500kg breaking strength and a huge 65cm stretch factor from 150 to 215cm… ideal for those big aerial handle
passes! Only the finest neoprene and nylon has been used on the surface to prevent harness entanglement during those mind-bending unhooked moves.

The new CORE Pro Leash 2 is available now. For more information:

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