CrazyFly ELITE III 2022

CrazyFly 2022 is here! Stay tuned for all product release videos over the coming days… but for now: welcome to ELITE III.

CrazyFly is redefining the future of the ultimate kiteboard. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we created the third version of the Elite board – Elite III. It displays the sensuality of high performance and possesses the elegance of pure, uncompromising design. With a patent pending Air Inside Core technology, we were able to save another 180 grams compared to the previous Elite III. This makes the Elite III the lightest board in the world.

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2022 pure 800x533 - CrazyFly ELITE III 20222022 elite III 800x533 - CrazyFly ELITE III 20222022 raptor extreme 800x533 - CrazyFly ELITE III 20222022 hyper 800x533 - CrazyFly ELITE III 20222022 sculp 800x533 - CrazyFly ELITE III 2022

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