Death of Park

DOP - Death of Park

A new movie by Knot Future is coming out soon. Here's a little background about the movie and what you can expect.

Who stars in it?

This movie contains three world champions:

Karolina Winkowska

Annelous Lammerts

Ewan Jaspan

And two dedicated shredders:

Ramiro Gallart

Alexander Lewis-Hughes

Plus some friends!

What stands out to you most in this film?

For me personally what stands out most is the level of Womens riding in this film.

In my opinion this is the highest and most technical level of womens riding to be showcased in a Kiteboarding movie ever. The women in this movie have a few tricks which aren’t replicated in the Mens segments and also tricks that many Men on the KPL couldn’t do any better. This should prove as great inspiration for both Men and Women Kiteboarding that anything is possible, both of these riders have improved so much over a 4 year period in the park it’s insane!!!


This film has been entirely funded, filmed and produced by myself (Alexander Lewis-Hughes). I’ve had zero outside help with this project.

Why did I make the film?:

I produced this film because I wanted to showcase to the world the level of riding that goes on around the KPL events from some of the worlds best Kiteboarders.

I wanted to give people a slice of what goes on in our everyday lives and give viewers the sensation that they are there and along for the ride!

If I didn’t fund this project myself it wouldn’t have happened and if I took funding from other kite brands it also wouldn’t have happened the way it has. I wanted to showcase riders from different brands all together in one film; there’s five different riders all riding five different brands in this film. I didn’t want the brands to become the focus, I wanted the riding and the athletes to be the showcase. (I also wanted the ability to put in the video whatever I wish!)

Some specifics on filming Death of Park:

No one really knew they were filming for this movie, I just took the camera out when I felt like it and the riders that ended up with enough footage got their own parts!

DOP was filmed over a 3month period this year in the United States of America.

It was filmed on location in Hatteras, North Carolina (home of Triple S) and Hood River, Oregon (home of the Slider Project).

The Hatteras section was filmed over about a 10day period (maybe 5 of which shooting) whilst the Hood river section was filmed over a period of about two months with countless days shooting.

If you see the spread of footage in the film (Hatteras Vs Hood) this should give you a good indication of just how hard filming anything decent in Hood River is! Hood River is one of the hardest places you will ever ride in, any trick done in Hood River almost has about a 2x difficulty ratio added to it because of this! haha.

The majority of the Film has been shot with an anamorphic lens (besides the action cam and drone shots which were cropped to fit), this gives the film a cinematic look and a 2.39 aspect ratio.

This is the second long kiteboarding production I’ve filmed in this format and with these type of lenses, as far as I’m aware these are the only watersports action videos ever shot like this.

This style of shooting and equipment doesn’t lend itself well to ease of use, but I wanted to test myself with my equipment as much as the riders test themselves with theirs, I love a good challenge and understanding this equipment and tuning it in a way that gives pleasing results is half the fun for me!

DOP 410x530 - Death of Park

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