Down in Dakhla

Words by: Latest dispatch from the desert care of Kari Schibevaag

I am now in Dakhla together with my friend Svetalana Romantsova, the crazy photographer from Russia. It’s time to play, have fun and compete in the waves again.

2 IMG 9665 - Down in Dakhla

It’s been a while since I last competed in waves and I have been doing a lot of different things since I stopped. If you know me, you know I love to do all kinds of water sports and mountain activities like SUP, surfing, kiteboarding, snorkelling, fishing, snowkite, hiking, skiing etc.

I am not focused on one thing, but when I saw that the VKWC would like to do waves in Morocco I just had to go. As we know: if you don’t try, you never win.

1 IMG 0858 Edit - Down in Dakhla

Dakhla is really nice for everything and I love this spot, and with amazing kite gear, it will be fun to battle again in Morocco.

It’s been several days of trials, and I know that all the freestylers are waiting for the wind to enter the lagoon. I have been doing different things while I’ve been waiting. Wave riding, freestyle, wakeboard, training, surfing – yes, everything that you can do down here!

1 IMG 0159 - Down in Dakhla

3 IMG 0095 - Down in Dakhla

Dakhla is amazing like this… If you don´t have wind, there is always something else to do.

1 IMG 9130 - Down in Dakhla

We are staying in Dakhla Spirit. I really like this camp. It has an atmosphere with energy and it’s close to the lagoon, about 5 miles. The most important thing for me is that it’s not far from the waves.

The camp’s also the perfect size – you get to know people very quickly. Like the cool guys from Kitesista, Sofi and Marcus. I love it 🙂

2 IMG 0394 - Down in Dakhla

These pictures are from the days before the start of the VKWC… Let the games begin!


Photos by Svetlana Romantsova

1 IMG 0150 - Down in Dakhla

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