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Looking forward to using this one ourselves: Drift have revealed the Stealth 2, inspired by their ‘Ghost' models. Sexy bit of kit… and here's the skinny:

drift stealth - Drift Stealth 2

The Drift Stealth 2 comes out of the box with the ability to shoot sharp full HD 1080p at 30fps and high definition 720p at 60fps for slow motion. It has a 300-degree rotatable lens to align the shot, Wi-fi connectivity for video streaming and remote controlling via the Drift Connect app. Further features include a built-in digital LCD screen for easy menu settings and a three-hour battery life.

Half the size and 40% lighter
At 3.15 x 1.67 x 1.08 inches and 3.42 ounces (48% smaller and 42% lighter than the Drift Ghost range of cameras) the Drift Stealth 2 is the most innovative and user friendly miniature action camera currently on the market. Its compact size and light weight, means it can be mounted anywhere without impacting on the performance and aerodynamics. Tiny but tough, the Stealth 2 is rugged, durable and weather resistant.

Technologically Advanced
The Stealth 2 uses an Aptina CMOS sensor and seven-element aspherical lens technology. Built on the same processing platform as the Drift HD Ghost, the Stealth 2 has the ability to film spectacular high definition video in 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.

300° Rotatable Lens
The Stealth 2 (as is standard with all Drift cameras) features a 300-degree rotatable lens, allowing the user to mount the camera at any position by turning the lens to get the perfect shot.

Feature rich and easy to use
The ST2 includes many standard Drift features including timelapse, photoburst, video tagging to record the action after it's happened and “Car DVR mode” for in-car and on-bike video security. The simple interface enables users to easily set their preferred shooting mode: video, photo, photoburst or timelapse. Drift’s unique colour-coded LED system on the camera enables users to see the current shooting mode and if the camera is recording.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Combined with the new free iOS and Android mobile app, Drift Connect, Drift Stealth 2 users have ultimate control over the camera. The Drift Connect app is the perfect tool for shot set-up, remote-control recording, photo capture, playback and sharing via social media from your mobile device. (Available soon.)

Three hour Battery Life
The 1500mAh Lithium battery provides a market leading battery life for a camera of this size. Users will never miss a shot due to loss of power, even in the coldest of conditions.

Optical 135 Field of View (FOV)
Alternative action cameras feature a 170º FOV, which can make objects seem further away and smaller than in reality. Based on customer feedback, Drift has reduced the optical FOV to 135º, making objects appear closer and sharper.

Two Way Remote Control Compatible (sold separately)
Like the Ghost models, the Stealth 2 is compatible with Drift’s first two- way remote control. Simple and intuitive, the remote control through its integrated LED system clearly communicates the function status to the user. The remote can also control multiple Drift cameras at once.

For more details about the Stealth 2, head here: store.driftinnovation.com


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