Duotone and Porsche

Porsche  - Duotone and Porsche

Duotone has announced a brand cooperation with Porsche…

AB 97 353x530 - Duotone and Porsche AB 106 353x530 - Duotone and PorscheWhen Porsche decided to get involved with kitesports, it was logical they would find their way to Duotone, both being drivers of innovation. The engagement of such a legendary sportscar manufacturer will help kitesports to a way higher acceptance, which will also help the development of the sport in general.

AB 104 795x530 - Duotone and Porsche Porsche and Duotone realized the potential to work together and started to brainstorm in which direction they could cooperate. They are having an inspiring exchange which is enabling them to explore new ideas, and to create even more innovative solutions for the sports of kitesurfing.

VMB2 Duotone KU37083 795x530 - Duotone and Porsche They are finalizing a new version of the Duotone Academy app which includes everything kiters want to know on and off the water. In December the app is being relaunched with plenty of new features, including specific fitness exercises, which are presented by Porsche athletes and their coaches, adding their know how. Secondly, the partnership with Porsche will result in further creative content for all kitesports enthusiasts, like the new Duotone Magazine, which will be available for free in March 2022. Thirdly, Duotone's R&D team will be exchanging thoughts with the research and development department of Porsche, to work at product innovations of the future together. This could get very interesting…

AB 187 353x530 - Duotone and Porsche

Photos by Tobias Kuberski


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