F-ONE 2016 collection

AT0A1041 Antoine FERMON BANDIT - F-ONE 2016 collection

It's here… the new F-ONE 2016 range. And a colorful one it is too! There's clearly some real love gone into the graphic design elements and we love it… definitely not a range that's gonna sit in the background!

Here's the latest word from F-ONE on all the new toys…

“Packed with novelties and marked with a strong and colorful identity, 2016 is here! Get ready for some captivating surprises on both the technical and design sides…”

AT0A2876 Micka FERNANDEZ TRAX HRD - F-ONE 2016 collection

“The BANDIT remains at the core of the F-ONE development and we have yet again brought in some major upgrades that will leave you amazed. The Twin Tip range includes the brand new and patented PLATINIUM³ BINDINGS. Fully adjustable to the size and shape of your feet, these plates and straps bring a whole new level of comfort. The boards adopt a new, trendier design, especially with the LITE TECH technology which equips some of 2016 boards.

“The saga unrolls with the surfboards and in particular with the MITU MONTEIRO Pro Model which is now available in 5’4 and each surf board features a unique design and handcrafted paintwork. Three color combos are available depending on the board sizes. To suit all types of riders, the SIGNATURE is also available in 5’8 and 5’10 this year.”

AT0A9785 Mitu MONTEIRO Pro Model - F-ONE 2016 collection

“And let’s not forget the newcomers as the foilkite makes its grand return at F-ONE for our utmost enjoyment! The DIABLO is the result of an inspiring encounter and collaboration. As for the foil, we have maintained our relentless work to bring you products that meet your needs. Accessible and truly progressive, the F-ONE kitefoil fits all levels of practice whether you are about to start or already experienced and will deliver some amazing sensations!

“This year, the F-ONE foilboards are available in several sizes and constructions: you can choose between the upgraded 51, the glass or carbon fiber versions of the new 47 and 49. For those who like to mix their riding styles, the convertible version of the MITU surfboards will be the ideal board as the KF-BOX fitted on its bottom will let you fit a foil or ride strapless and in the surf.”

AT0A2694 Marie SWITALA ACID HRD GIRL - F-ONE 2016 collection

“With a very complete range of kites, which includes the BANDIT, DIABLO and TRUST kites, Twin-Tips, surfboards and kitefoils for all level of practice, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gear to ride in all kinds of winds and on any spot around you!”

Catalogue below (we highly recommend viewing in full screen mode) and then all the product videos following beneath… pull up a chair and a pour a coffee, and enjoy!

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