The F-ONE Foil Collection

double - The F-ONE Foil Collection

There is no denying that Kite foiling is where it's at. Fact. And the technical wizards over at F-ONE have now produced a couple of boards that they believe will lift foiling from a niche discipline up into the professional realms. Here's what they have to say on the matter, and the fruits of their labour…

‘We have been following the evolution of foiling since the first days of the discipline and some of our riders have been foiling since the early days of the sport. We are in contact with our riders that have constantly been involved in the discipline. In 2009 we looked into bringing a foil into the market, but it was too different than what we specialised in and produced. We also had the opportunity to purchase a brand, but this does not fit with our vision. Taking over a product that had already been developed, and buying a brand comes with its share of problems as well. We wanted to start from scratch, with our vision and approach to develop a new product. This is how F-ONE approached this new discipline…

– A competent designer and exclusivity: a competent designer you understand why, an exclusive design is to avoid doing research for others.

– Testers of all different levels.

– An original design that we would possibly be able to patent. It is always in the early days when you can pick up the best options and protect them for the future.

– A factory able to produce excellent composites, because foils are a very technical product.'


foil1 - The F-ONE Foil Collection

This board was created to be a 100% dedicated foil board with the characteristic that are required for practicing this new discipline. With its large volume and large tail it is very well adapted to beginners. It generates enough float at low speeds and gives a lot of flexibility in footstrap placements. Compact in design do reduce drag from the wind, the top deck is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom deck is shaped in a triple V contour with a precisely tuned concave, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down. The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board “taps” the water while edging hard upwind. Equipped with multiple strap attachment points to facilitate tuning, it is also equipped with the KF-BOX.


foil2 - The F-ONE Foil Collection

We also decided to offer a board that was a 2 for 1. The Surf pro model MITU MONTEIRO in 5’6’’ / 5’8’’ / 5’10’’ will also be offered in its “convertible” version: equipped with a KF-BOX. The concave on the board allow it to accelerate to lift off easily and the rocker and outline of the pro model MITU MONTEIRO make the transitions and progression easy when they are done on the water.
With its very efficient and all around shape combined with the new construction HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE, tough and light, the surf MITU MONTEIRO Convertible is the perfect board to not miss a session without loading your quiver.

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