TRIP 137 Overview - Flysurfer TRIP

Flysurfer release their travel-friendly (and super pleasing to the eye!) new splitboard, the TRIP…

The TRIP is functional, versatile, and durable. The new era PU split-board construction provides the ultimate crossover performance. Featuring an asymmetrical outline and progressive concave to underline its playful feeling while ensuring excellent response and control. An unmatched package that saves you costs on the way to your dream destination!


FOCUS: Travel, Freeride, Progression
TECHNOLOGY: Splitboard
SKILLS: Intermediate
SIZES: 137×41,5 / 142×43

Complete package “Ready-to-Ride”:
TRIP Kiteboard
FIREFIN Set (incl. mount & screws)
SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. screws)
SQUAD Handle (incl. screws)
SQUAD Accessory Bag
TRIP Travel Bag
TRIP Manual

You can check out the TRIP Talk Q&A with Maxi Kühnhauser and Ines Rodlauer just here:

And find out more about the TRIP itself here:

TRIP Studio 01 - Flysurfer TRIP

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