Golden Sessions

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After more than one year of travelling the world following the World Tour in almost every continent, and having kited in the biggest storms and the most beautiful places on earth, after all this I see how much I love a good kite session at home. I really enjoy it when I get back there and I see all my friends, as it was with them that I got into the sport to begin with, and riding at the place where everything started 6 years earlier makes me realise how many things have changed. Back then I didn’t had a sponsor or anyone paying for my trips, and going back there and seeing all this reminds you where you come from and helps you to appreciate what you have now.

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My home spot its located 2 hours north of Barcelona, in the touristic town of Empuriabrava, the place where I grew up and learned kiting. Maybe, because the conditions aren’t always the best and it’s not really windy, you appreciate it way more. When the weather cooperates and you can score a good one, and especially with the people you used to share the sport with… Those are the best sessions in the world!

Here are a few shots from my last golden session back home this September… Noè Font.

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10666088 10204565518079806 2237135112732740080 n - Golden Sessions

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