Heats announced for KotA!

KOTA LOGO - Heats announced for KotA!

The names have been drawn and here are the heat line ups for the Red Bull King of the Air competition, which will now take place at some point within the next two weeks… (our money is on sooner rather than later!)

And make sure you keep watch here for any movement… http://www.redbull.tv/videos/event-stream-479/capetown-south-africa#autostart

Heat 1
Jesse Richman USA
Billy Parker USA
Sam Light UK
Lasse Walker NL

Heat 2
Steven Akkersdijk NL
Jerrie Van De Kop NL
Kevin De Smit NL
Nico Ettiene FR

Heat 3
Ruben Lenten NL
Gianni Aragno ESP
Antonin Rangin FR
Sam Medysky CAN

Heat 4
Aaron Hadlow UK
Reno Romeu BR
Alexandre Neto BR
Joshua Emanuel ZA

Heat 5
Andries Fourie ZA
Tom Hebert NC
Lewis Crathern UK
Tiem Ritveld NL

Heat 6
Kevin Langeree NL
Nick Jacobsen DK
Luke McGillewie ZA
Jonno Scholte NL


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