I’m On It: Matias Lee

20190314  89A3850 JR - I'm On It: Matias Lee

Flysurfer’s Argentinian team rider, Matias Lee, takes us through his weapon of choice for South American shred fests…

Photos: Alex Schwarz

Board: Flysurfer RADICAL6

Dimensions: 138×42.5

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 64kg

radical6 - I'm On It: Matias Lee

I joined the Flysurfer family three years ago and since then I have tried all the models of the RADICAL. The RADICAL6 is a freeride board, though I think that it now also has excellent freestyle performance. The graphic design has improved too in my opinion, and overall it has a more refined design than the previous versions.

I thought that the previous version of the RADICAL had a little too much flex, for the RADICAL6 this has been stiffened up which has significantly improved its freestyle performance.

I ride both the 133 and the 138… The 133 is super fun and playful for chill sessions, then I find the 138 better for my riding style while freestyling. The size is just perfect and it is perfect for comfortable pops and landings.

I ride the RADICAL6 with 40mm fins which I find good for hard landings. I do also mix it up and try smaller sets of fins or no fins at all. It depends on the kind of session I like to have at the time.

I usually ride the RADICAL with boots andthe RADICAL can withstand freestyling with boots for sure. I have had some big impacts and it can always take way more. It's okay to ride with boots if you are at the right level. I learned this the hard way back when I was younger as I was learning the Blind Judge and I was catching a lot of back edges. As I was riding in boots, the hit would be 10 times stronger and more painful! So I would say wait until you are definitely ready before making the transition…

The RADICAL6’s asymmetric outline is fun to play with and it’s interesting to feel how the board cuts the water on the different edges. In chill sessions you can enjoy secure and fast toeside changes and a smooth flow through the water.

I usually ride the Stoke in waves and freestyle. But with the release of the Soul and new Boost, I have been switching it up with these as well. In low wind conditions, when the tube kites are not enough, I like to ride the Soul 10 with short lines for generating more slack.  If the wind is on then for riding Big Air I have been using both the Stoke and the Boost.

Flysurfer’s kite and board line up works for all riders and it is great to be able to switch between kites and feel really comfortably and know exactly what to expect.

I find my home spots in Argentina super attractive to kite. Besides the kitesurfing conditions of them, Mar del Plata and Mar Chiquita have a beautiful mystique. I guess as well it is the feeling of being so connected to them because of my many sessions there. But I think every spot has something amazing to present. Away from home, I would say that Coche in Venezuela is my favorite freestyle spot, and Lobitos in Peru is my favorite wave spot.

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20190313  89A3593 JR - I'm On It: Matias Lee

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