Inspired Ozone in New Zealand

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail across the water, planing much faster than the wind? 2013 Course Racing World Champion Florian Gruber and No.1 IKA rank Riccardo Lecesse travelled to the Ozone HQ in Raglan, New Zealand to shot with the new Edge and Chrono kites. With a week given over to chasing the lightest of winds to put the kites to the test and catch all the footage they needed the boys were ready for the challenge.

The new Chrono really opened their eyes to what is possible even in the lightest of breeze, and accompanied with the refinement of the Edge together these kites pack a powerful punch to any performance kiter’s quiver; whether on a twin tip, race board or foil board. The crew were able to discover new kiting locations and witness New Zealand’s unique weather and scenery. During the journey south the guys also scored fun freeride sessions boosting huge on the Edge! Check out the video of our trip – full of mind blowing scenery and images, sit back and enjoy watching these guys froth on being out there in the water day by day, enjoying kiteboarding as much as possible no matter the wind or weather conditions. We hope you can share the same stoke out on the water…anytime…anywhere, be it in board shorts in the tropics or drysuits on mountain lakes, there is always a puff of wind somewhere to ride…

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